New Blog!

I've just started my new blog, would really appreciate it if you took a look round! http://gabby-treadsoftly.blogspot.com/



Until 2012...

Hello lovely readers, unfortnately this will be the last post of mine in 2012, and indeed on this blog. People always say it's been a whirlwind year, up and down, but sadly mine has had little ups and plenty more downs. So tomorrow I begin a new chapter in my life, and at first this new chapter won't have time for petty outfit posts, weekly round-ups etc. At this time other things should be more significant.

Hopefully in the new year I'll be able to come back to a new blog because it's what I love doing, and be a changed and better person, I owe myself that much actually. So if I do I'll post the new link on here and invite you on over :)
Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a peaceful new year, keep safe xxx



Apologies for the poor quality, but here is my new dress that I'm pretty sure I tweeted about. It's from Dorothy Perkins, got it with 30% off, yay! I love the colour, you can't see it too well here but it's basically the same colour of that dress that Kate Middleton wore when she announced her engagement.

Hopefully get to wear it out and about soon :)

PS Sorry for the headless-ness, bad face day ;)



It's gruesome that someone so handsome should care

Got used to me looking constantly sleepy? Yep? Good.
Shoved this on before Uni one day and got rather alot of compliments! I always put this dress on when I'm feeling lazy cos it's so comfy, and put the top (which is my sister's, Grace you left it in your wardrobe and you'd gone to York, I needed a pretty top!) on over it.

My dress came from Alice & You today, but I'll post about that some other time. It's such a lovely colour and fits, thank God!

Tonight I was supposed to be going to the neighbouring halls' bar to cheer on my coursemate and his band, but sadly I need to write up (and try and understand) 12 pages of maths and physics notes! Yay!



It's always darkest before the dawn

Bonsoir lovely readers. Hope you're all well :)

This week has been rather up and down to say the least. Mainly because Uni seems to have hit a brick wall at the moment, my course is getting very difficult and I'm already worrying about my January exams. Eeep. I'm also struggling on the money front so have had to hunt for jobs like a madwoman. I hadn't got anything back from lots of stores, and stupidly realised I'd put my wrong phone number on my CV! Idiot! Anyway that's been changed now, and I've recently applied for a job at a theatre, so wish me luck! :)

True to form I'm having a cosy night in on a saturday, and going out on sunday instead. Seeing as the flat is like a ghost town (everyone's gone home!) I thought I'd give you some random pictures from the past few weeks! Mainly nails of course ;)

Iya eye. These were my nails for Halloween, just a blood red colour with black tips.

Standard red nails.

My recently crafted black shirt - it originally had very puffy black sleeves but I snipped them off. Just need to tidy the sleeves up now!

Me (with my attractive halls in the background) with my favourite spotty dress from Daisy Lane before a night out with the girls.

Three of the best things in life, no?

Leopard-style nails!




Oh I can't explain my happiness about getting this little gem in the post today! Finally took the plunge and ordered the purple-blue Beetlejuice nail polish from Model's Own. The formula itself is thin-ish, you need 2 to 3 coats on each nail. Saying that, the tips on my nails are very white so I'm thinking two would be enough. It shines all sorts of colours in different lights: a deep purple, slate grey/silver and a soft pink. Absolutely love it :)

Lovely lovely.

I was toying with getting the emerald one too, and I would definitely consider getting it now!

Also I have just started my first listen of "Ceremonials" - Magical already, how does Flo do it?!



Green Gloves

Alright my dears. Hope you're all well, sorry for the absence!
There's been no major changes in life since my last post, not that I can recall anyway :) University's going well, halls is fine, people are lovely, simple. Going back home in 2 weeks and I'm so excited! Missed my mum, dad and cat so much, not to mention my own bed and lovely food!

Thinking of doing a nailsy post sometime soon as I keep photographing my nails, they're adding up!

Here's what I wore to Uni yesterday:

The blazer is my lovely charity shop find which I've been obsessed with as of late, the tunic was from the Republic sale aaaand the bodycon skirt a topshop standard one. I like the combination of the peter pan collar and little locket :)

My hair's been doing well lately, it's gone really soft and messy in a nice way thanks to Herbal Essences "Tousle Me Softly" shampoo and conditioner! Keep playing with my hair now haha.

Anyway, there you go, still alive ;)



I'll meet you on the rebound, or somewhere inbetween

Had a very lazy day today. Woke up at about 11.45am, after only going to sleep a few hours before. It was my first night out in ages, I had such a good time! Went with my lovely flat ladies and some of the guys from downstairs. We hit the cheesy Popworld first (Liverpool people, I urge you to go if you haven't been before!) and then carried on to Le Bataeu, a lovely bar/club playing decent music for once! Got some Nirvana, White Stripes, Kasabian and The Strokes, good stuff. We got back around 3.30am, ordered a takeaway and then hit the hey.

Photos will be up soon xxx



If you want an update, yes I'm still sick as a dog! Painted my nails leopard style in order to cheer myself up. Quite proud of them, usually my left hand goes dodgy but today it behaved :)



General life update

1. Sick as a dog currently, hence why I haven't blogged in ages. Haven't got the energy to do much so generally end up curled up in bed by about 11, standard! I don't mind because I've missed sleeping. Trying to eat well, drink alot, force lemsip down my throat and trying to get out and about.

2. Uni is going well, although I am struggling to motivate myself to get to all my lectures. I generally skip one or two a week, mainly out of tiredness which is a rubbish excuse. Trying to snap out of it! Getting all my work done whether I turn up to lectures or not though, which I'm very proud of.

3. The rest of this week will be spent working some more, applying for jobs, making myself better, and going out for halloween. Which will probably backtrack all of my good efforts to get well! A student event has been organised so we're all going as vampires to that. Quite excited!




(Yes I did just title this post based on the clouds outside - nerd!)

Hello lovelies, hope you're all well. I was planning on posting this weekend but forgot I was out in the field in Wales all weekend! It involved triangulation and navigation activities, sediment analysis and meteorological observations. Oh and walking through sheep-filled fields. We visited a town called Beaumaris to visit Puffin Island on the boat, and the town was so nice! I forgot to bring any pennies with me but it was probably for the best, I'd have bought everything in sight otherwise!

It was lovely to get to know all the people on my course (there's only 15 of us you see), we spent our evenings either in the pub or in our log cabins (yes we had log cabins!) watching telly. The boys even invited me round for home-made spag bol on the second night, how lovely of them.

This week will be spent catching up on my field notes which are in a diabolical state, trying not to miss any lectures, and spending time with friends. I visit my sister at the weekend, really excited! My bank balance is crying at the cost of the train tickets but hey ho, that's what an overdraft's for. It's nice to be in a good mood at Uni, I feel like I've properly settled in. I was planning on visiting my parents in the next few weeks but I think I could happily stay here til Christmas. Saying that I do miss my mum, dad and cat!



Moi / My beloved apples / A very interesting book... ahem / The snack drawer / My guitar

Currently have time to blog because I'm too hungover to concentrate on differentiation and functions (I hate maths). Those photos are just a mish-mash of my unversity life really, it's not very interesting I know! My camera's playing up y'see, eats up batteries and I can't afford a stamp, let alone stuff like that.

I hope you're all well xxx



I'm cool.

Another lazy day post for you. I haven't had much to blog about as of late if I'm honest, do you really want to hear about rocks and climate? ;) I'm really enjoying my course though, except maths is getting a little tedious. Hey ho. Today will be filled with work, applying for jobs, procrastination and soup.

Yesterday me, Emily and Ruby went to town to pick up a few bits and bobs. I managed to get a packet of pringles, mini cheddars, cupasoups, pasta sauce, 6 cans of soup, shaving foam, a hat, 2 pairs of gloves and ear muffs. All for under £15, proud of myself there! Lugging all that home was effort in itself, never mind the wind and rain :')

In the evening I watched TV with the girls, and me and Ruby stayed up a tid bit later to watch Trainspotting. Now I like the cult films, if you can call them that, but that film had no plot whatsoever.. basically guy on drugs, guy tripping, guy ODing, guy off drugs. Not for me!

I apologise for the blog getting so boring as of late, but thankyou for sticking with me! :)



Sleepy monday morning

....And it's the start of week 2! Where on earth is time going? The weekend went by very fast, and I didn't even do anything worthwhile except finish off a sedimentology sheet which is due in today. Yesterday the girls had a lazy day of breakfast, working (I use that term lightly) and just mooching into other people's rooms. Yesterday evening I went to make friends downstairs, as I hardly know any of the boys here!

So the plan for today was to get breakfast and do lots of work early on, but I over slept.. oops. Eh well, I needed it! Also going to pop and see my GP before I head off to my sedimentologly lecture, the only one of the day. That means I'll be back by about half 2 and can finish off all my notes before going for tea! The plans for tonight are as of yet unknown, unless I missed the plan-making when I missed breakfast. Oops.

No idea what to wear today - it's been raining in Liverpool but I bet it's still really warm -.- set to be bloody freezing on tuesday though, yay!

Have a lovely day everyone, and thankyou for sticking by me even though my posts are lacking atm! :)

I leave you with a photo of me holding a 65p bar of chocolate. SIXTY FIVE PENCE. Nom.




Hello there :)

Today I've been at University for the morning, struggling with maths (what's new), and also went on a tour of the National Oceanography Centre which is right on campus at Liverpool. It's really spurred me on to work more on my maths/physics skills! After that I came home, made soup and went on a walk with Emily and Lib for ice cream. I got chocolate instead, it was very cheap! Well done Tesco. How lovely is the weather today?!

Yep, I look knackered. Yep, it's awful lighting. It's a halls room! What do you expect haha. The cords are from Red Herring and the top from Topshop. Lazy outfit for when it's warm :)

And my nails, using Models Own "Bronze Rage" and the Barry M Crackle nail polish. Love it!

Some pictures of my room - I haven't shown you it yet have I?

Ok so it's not a beauty of a room, but I like it! It's cosy, that was my main aim. Could happily spend hours at a time in here.

About to go for tea with the girls (i'm in catered accommodation), for Lasagne. NOM. It's amazing ha. Tomorrow I have a rather busy day ahead of me but I don't really mind, I like busy days :)



Lazy monday

Hellllo lovely readers.

Hope you're all well, and for those who have survive their fresher's weeks - congratulations! My course starts today, at 12pm to be precise (Sedimentology lecture...). Luckily my maths lecture has been cancelled on mondays I think, so I can do my laundry/other housework today!

I got woken up at some ungodly hour for breakfast (coco pops are enough to get me out of bed I tell you), and have since come back to have a shower and laze around before getting ready to head out to University. I'm really excited, been dying to get stuck into my course. I loved fresher's week but any more of it and I would have exploded! I'm planning on wearing my wooly dress and blazer today, but aren't we set for a heatwave? I heard that, bit confusing  mind as it's been freezing recently!

Anyway, I'll update you on my first day of University this evening :) wish me luck!




Good morning everyone, hope you're well.

I'm trying my best to blog but I've been so busy with University, teaching starts next week so I guess I'll be even busier! Anyway, last night I went out with a few girls from the flat to the Guild, where Zane Lowe was DJing. His set was amazing, and after that we went to a funfair! The waltzers were so fun, even though I felt like I was going to fall out! We also had a little go on the bumper cars.

Today I'm going for Brunch, and then off to the Fresher's Fair. Free stuff and societies! Yay!



Penny Lane

Hello from Liverpool :)

I arrived on Sunday afternoon, and have been very busy unpacking and stuff to say hello! My room's a fair size, and I'm still trying to put my stamp on it. To be brutally honest, at the moment I don't feel comfortable here. It's because it's very new surroundings for me, a lot of new people (that's just in my flat), and so much to take in. So it's quite overwhelming.

I didn't feel completely up to going out last night but I decided to just go for it, and went out with most of the girls from my floor. It was a lovely night, I feel like I got to know people better but I ended up getting no sleep because of rowdy people on the floor above. I really hope that doesn't continue, if it does I'm probably going to transfer to a different room.

Meh. Of course I'm going to stick with it, and if I'm honest the moment my course starts I'll probably enjoy everything a lot more.

Sorry for such a blah post! Will sort out a place to do outfit posts asap xxx


Tick Tock

I recieved a whopping 3 parcels in the post today (!), lucky me :) I don't get much post so I was happy about my little haul. Two of them were sedimentology/paleontology textbooks (rocks and fossils to you and me) for University - they look very challenging! Also my best friend Manda sent my birthday present, from Edinburgh! She's at Uni there, can't wait to go and visit.

Anyway, she got me a beautiful coloured scarf which I think I will put somewhere in my new room at Uni to brighten it up :) also I got a bar of yummy chocolate and a beautiful necklace with a clock on the end! I've wanted one for ages, and she gave it to me at the right time because as it's getting colder, my chest (which is allergic to nickel) is hidden so I can start wearing necklaces again!

Apologies for the apparent dark under eye circles, just the shadow! Anyway, there it is :) I love it. I've spent today doing all the washing of clothes that are needed for University, posting parcels and making cookies. I've made way too many but they can be distributed to my new flatmates no doubt!



The Bones Of You

Just felt like showing you these awful quality photos ;)

Apologies in advance for another rather long post, just feel like I need to ramble as of late. It turns out my last post on LDRs was a little pointless as said "relationship" didn't work out. It's a shame, but now I've got a completely clean slate ahead of me on Sunday.

I move to Liverpool in a matter of days, and yep, I'm absolutely terrified. I can chatter for England (you all must know that by now!) but it does take me a while to connect with people, and trust them. I'm hoping to meet some truly lovely people though, and start afresh, get a new job, learn new things, get a new perspective. I've been stuck in a horrible rut since around January and this year has brought nothing but bad luck and unfortunate events. So, on Sunday, new start. Even if I'm worried and nervous, I'm just going to dive right in. Join as many things as I can, go to as many cheesy clubnights that I can afford (I hate clubs, but you have to make the effort oui?).

One thing I am looking forward to is my course. I've got 2 textbooks delivered and so far, one makes me cry, the other makes me an excited little bunny. I'm determined to work as hard as possible with my maths module, the thought of 6hrs of maths per week does make me want to not leave home, but I've just got to stick at it.

I'll definitely try and squeeze one more outfit post in before I leave, but my clothes are about to be packed up, sob sob! Then I need to adjust to dwindling light in winter and a new place to take outfit posts in my uni room. I'll try and make it look as lovely as possible :)

Is anybody else going to a University in Liverpool? Maybe Hope or JMU?




Bonsoir lovely readers. I'm finally getting the hang of this new laptop! I can type fine on it, and even though the blogs come up a little stretched and funny, I'm sure I'll sort it out. Currently listening to Elbow, their album is beautiful. It's been dawning on me recently that within a week, I'll be just over an hour away from my family and also my boyfriend. It doesn't sound a lot, but it costs about a tenner to get there/back, I'm not sure I can waste money like that at University.

I'm getting ever more anxious about being in a long-distance relationship, more so because I'm still adjusting to being in a relationship at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I feel very strongly about him, and trust him completely, it's just going to be a little daunting being so far away. I get moody and paranoid very quickly (don't all girls? ha) so it's making me nervous that he won't be there. Hmm. I'm sure I'm over thinking it as always, but I know little things will get to me and I'll need to learn to calm myself down, and depend less on those around me.

So, are any of you in long-distance relationships at the moment? Do you have any err, hints and tips as it were? I'd appreciate ones that focused on adjusting to being in a LDR, but of course any words of wisdom are appreciated!

Thanks in advance ladies xxx

Happy birthday to me!

So, yesterday was my 19th birthday! Kind of glad I got it out of the way before Uni, had a lazy day with Grace, Tom popped round and so did my grandparents. I got lots of lovely stuff which I wasn't really expecting!

First of all I got a new Laptop, mainly for Uni but it came as a birthday present.
I also got a new pair of boots, they are beautiful. Beautifullllllll. Really big and clunky though haha, not dainty at all!
Also I got a few peices of jewellery including a locket from Tom, a necklace from my grandparents and a bracelet from Katy.
My sister got me a "university survival kit" which she constructed herself as she's now a graduate! It had loads of lovely stuff in: nail varnish, hot chocolate, a bottle opener, a book, a tea bag tin etc.

I spent about £50 of my birthday money on textbooks yesterday, and am putting the rest in the bank today. Also going stationary shopping <3 and spending my Topshop voucher on socks! I know how to have a good time ;)




I must admit I've been feeling slightly out of the loop as of late, I think it's a mixture of receiving bad news within the family and trying to get ready for University. It's all been stressful and draining, unfortunately leaving me feeling like I make one step forward, two steps back. I still haven't got all of my stuff for Uni, am putting on weight again and worst of all haven't had the time or energy to see my best friend before she leaves for Edinburgh tomorrow. And the more I think about these things, the worse I worry. I leave in 9 days, and I'm not even bothered about my birthday on Monday, more so about getting my timetable so I can arrange days to meet people.

I've not seen all my friends a great deal this summer, sometimes you just realise you weren't as close. But some of my closest girls I've barely seen and it makes me feel like an awful friend, but I want to put the time in to making my relationship as strong as possibe before I set off, after all I want it to last the distance, even if it is early days. It kind of stings to realise some people haven't put huge amounts of effort in either, although I guess everyone's busy.

On top of all this I've been applying for jobs like a madwoman, because my loan doesn't even cover my accommodation costs, so I need to make £700 this year (at least) just to live in my halls. And yes my parents will help, of course, but I have no intentions of scrounging off mummy and daddy - University is about independence, none of that living at home crap. Sorry if anyone is living at home and that offends you, but that's just the way I see it.

I've been trying to keep up with blogging but to be honest the stress of everything hasn't left me feeling too photogenic for OOTDs, and the only thing I talk about right now is lists of Uni things.So it's pretty understandable if people stop following this - but for those that have been reading, thankyou :)

However my one little release is looking through your wonderful blogs, so thanks for keeping them interesting!

Just to confirm, my face does still exist ^^^ haha. Speak soon xxx


Tea & Biscuits

Right, I promise to post better things as soon as this week's over, it's been quite busy and up/down! Spent yesterday lazing in bed with Tom as we were both shattered and the awful weather prevented us from doing anything! Also watched The Illusionist (bloody good film) and listened to him play piano. Lovely.

Tomorrow is my grandma's funeral, which hopefully will be ok. Then I'm seeing my best friends for the last time (well for a few months at least) after that, so tomorrow will be very weepy no doubt.

Then on Friday I'm meeting up with my friend Katy to drink tea, eat biscuits/cake and watch films. Oh and Tom and I are going to watch the new Jane Eyre film.... just to criticise it probably haha.

So yes, quite busy as of late but I'm trying to make the most of my last 2 weeks (or one and half weeks now :|) in Preston! Eep!


PS Is anyone else obsessed with The Great British Bake Off? I am *holds hands up*!


Oxford Housewife

Today I went on my uni shop, well to get bedding and some kitchenware (I barely need any for now though as I'm going catered!). Seriously, how many types of pillows can you put in one shop -.- I was so confused.

Anyway, this is what I wore:

Jumper, Primark
Shorts, Dorothy Perkins

Standard lazy outfit there. 

I wanted to show you all what I got, but now the internet's playing up so I'll have to do that some other time! 

Yesterday I made some amazing chocolate cupcakes - the sort that look lovely and taste really light - heaven! May put the recipe on here so all of you can benefit from their lovelieness ;)

I leave for University in 13 days, and I'm 19 in 7 days! Eeek!




Apologies for not posting again lovelies, I know it gets annoying when my posts become a little sporadic! On Wednesday 31st August I received some awful news, that I had lost my Grandma. She had been suffering from Dementia for around 3 years, and God finally decided to take her. I'm happy that she's no longer suffering, and that she's with my Grandad now.



When God Was A Rabbit

Note: I didn't take this photo, found it on Google - contact me if you want credit x

This was my next read after "Norwegian Wood". It's Sarah Winman's debut and I thought it was lovely. I think the blurb was a little too vague, I mean I barely wanted to read it if I'm honest, but once you read the first chapter or so it gets much better. It's the story of a brother and a sister, and their changing relationship. The title comes from the rabbit which Elly (the sister) gets as a Christmas present, and decides to call it "god". It's funny and quirky at the start, with some quite sinister bits. It does have a lot of twists and turns, I barely put it down! The end I think was a little... dreary, but still, it was a great book and I'd recommend it if you fancy something a little less dark than "Norwegian Wood".

Now I'm not sure what to read next! I think I'll read "We Need To Talk About Kevin" - it was released a year or so ago I think, never got round to reading it.



New bits & bobs;

See, told you I'd become a good blogger again... well, at least I'm trying to post regularly eh! :)

Just got back from the bank, have finally managed to open a student account which has an overdraft (thank the Lord) which will help me sleep peacefully at night! So much stuff to buy and it's nice to have a sort of "cushion", should I need extra pennies.

Anyway! I thought I'd show you some stuff I've recently acquired for University. I don't know about you but I love having a nosey at what people have bought and stuff :') So, most of them are what I consider "essentials" (y'know, make up, nail varnish remover, bras)...

1. New bras from Bravissimo. I recently went in to the Glasgow store and was absolutely gobsmacked at how they just looked your boobs, walked off, and found you a perfectly fitting bra! Insane. Girls, if you haven't been already, goooooo.

2. A new clutch/bag, from New Look. I need a clutch for if I'm going out, and this one also has a strap included which is useful. It's also the same size/make up as a brick, so if anyone gets on my nerves, *whack* :')

3. Make-up buys. Firstly I've finally got my mits on the MUA Heaven & Earth palette (a month late I know), and for £4 it's obviously good value for money. I don't particularly like the brush that came with it, and I bought another one and I'm still not happy... so I'll buy another eyeshadow brush. Any cheap ones to recommend? Secondly I got some Johnson's moisturiser/day cream, as my Clinique one was making me all blotchy and not nice. Seems good so far! Thirdly I actually bought something based on the talk around it, oops. Garnier's Bb cream is available in two shades (one of it's pitfalls, but I'm sure they'll bring out more shades), and I chose the light one. It applies smoothly and it barely feels like you've got any make up on! It really smoothed out my skin and even hides my dark under eyes, yay! At £9.99 I'd give it a go if I were you, definitely.

4. My new planner, from Paperchase. It took me ages to find one I liked because I wanted a large one, because I never seem to write my plans in "note form". This one is really cute I think! And has enough space for my ramblings ;)

5. My other beauty buys from the past week. Most are being saved for Uni of course, but I'm going to try out those Wilkinson Sword razors. They seem way cheaper than buying individual blades, so thought I'd give them a go! Anyone else use them?

Also I'm currently reading "When God Was A Rabbit", by Sarah Winman, and will be reviewing/recommending in due course.



"Norwegian Wood"

I quickly posted about this on my twitter, but wanted to give those bookworms a little bit more of a review! I'm not sure quite what genre this book would come under but it doesn't really need a genre, I don't think. It was first released in Japan and apparently is "the book everyone in Japan has read". When it first got recommended to me, I don't know, I thought it was all hype and no talk. And the start in my opinion was a little on the slow side.

But as you follow the story of Watanabe, a student in Tokyo, you really begin to connect with him, and with Naoko too, a girl in his life. Naoko is one of the most engaging characters I've ever read about, even though you never learn much about her.

On some levels I think everyone can connect with some of the characters within the book, but even if you can't, read it. It's engaging, compelling, disturbing and wonderful all at the same time. I can't recommend it highly enough, and this book will definitely be on my bookshelf at University.



Bonjourno lovely readers. I finally have an outfit post for you <3 I've been a rubbish blogger since results day, apologies, but I've been so busy sorting out University stuff. Raided Boots/Superdrug today and got all my toiletries (I think)! I got the Garnier Bb Cream, and also the MUA Heaven & Earth palette (finally), so will be letting you know how those 2 go soon. Also, I have got a literature-based post planned....sometime soon!

Been shopping today, as I mentioned, and also been taking those lovely gormless pictures for my university ID card, NUS card, rail card etc etc. Not as bad as my passport photo, mind ;)

I wore the outfit below to Manchester when we visited the other day - I finally got my mits on a new planner for the year (hello organisation), which I'll probably show you some other time. Anyone else feel their life falls apart a little bit in summer when they don't have a planner? :')

Jumper, New Look
Skort, Topshop
Tights, M&S
Necklace, can't remember where it's from!

 I bought that jumper when I went to Glasgow on Tuesday - it's lovely! Also got a burgundy skirt from NL too, so will be showing you that. As soon as it hits September 1st, I'm getting in my A/W gear ;)