(Yes I did just title this post based on the clouds outside - nerd!)

Hello lovelies, hope you're all well. I was planning on posting this weekend but forgot I was out in the field in Wales all weekend! It involved triangulation and navigation activities, sediment analysis and meteorological observations. Oh and walking through sheep-filled fields. We visited a town called Beaumaris to visit Puffin Island on the boat, and the town was so nice! I forgot to bring any pennies with me but it was probably for the best, I'd have bought everything in sight otherwise!

It was lovely to get to know all the people on my course (there's only 15 of us you see), we spent our evenings either in the pub or in our log cabins (yes we had log cabins!) watching telly. The boys even invited me round for home-made spag bol on the second night, how lovely of them.

This week will be spent catching up on my field notes which are in a diabolical state, trying not to miss any lectures, and spending time with friends. I visit my sister at the weekend, really excited! My bank balance is crying at the cost of the train tickets but hey ho, that's what an overdraft's for. It's nice to be in a good mood at Uni, I feel like I've properly settled in. I was planning on visiting my parents in the next few weeks but I think I could happily stay here til Christmas. Saying that I do miss my mum, dad and cat!


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