Hello there :)

Today I've been at University for the morning, struggling with maths (what's new), and also went on a tour of the National Oceanography Centre which is right on campus at Liverpool. It's really spurred me on to work more on my maths/physics skills! After that I came home, made soup and went on a walk with Emily and Lib for ice cream. I got chocolate instead, it was very cheap! Well done Tesco. How lovely is the weather today?!

Yep, I look knackered. Yep, it's awful lighting. It's a halls room! What do you expect haha. The cords are from Red Herring and the top from Topshop. Lazy outfit for when it's warm :)

And my nails, using Models Own "Bronze Rage" and the Barry M Crackle nail polish. Love it!

Some pictures of my room - I haven't shown you it yet have I?

Ok so it's not a beauty of a room, but I like it! It's cosy, that was my main aim. Could happily spend hours at a time in here.

About to go for tea with the girls (i'm in catered accommodation), for Lasagne. NOM. It's amazing ha. Tomorrow I have a rather busy day ahead of me but I don't really mind, I like busy days :)



Lazy monday

Hellllo lovely readers.

Hope you're all well, and for those who have survive their fresher's weeks - congratulations! My course starts today, at 12pm to be precise (Sedimentology lecture...). Luckily my maths lecture has been cancelled on mondays I think, so I can do my laundry/other housework today!

I got woken up at some ungodly hour for breakfast (coco pops are enough to get me out of bed I tell you), and have since come back to have a shower and laze around before getting ready to head out to University. I'm really excited, been dying to get stuck into my course. I loved fresher's week but any more of it and I would have exploded! I'm planning on wearing my wooly dress and blazer today, but aren't we set for a heatwave? I heard that, bit confusing  mind as it's been freezing recently!

Anyway, I'll update you on my first day of University this evening :) wish me luck!




Good morning everyone, hope you're well.

I'm trying my best to blog but I've been so busy with University, teaching starts next week so I guess I'll be even busier! Anyway, last night I went out with a few girls from the flat to the Guild, where Zane Lowe was DJing. His set was amazing, and after that we went to a funfair! The waltzers were so fun, even though I felt like I was going to fall out! We also had a little go on the bumper cars.

Today I'm going for Brunch, and then off to the Fresher's Fair. Free stuff and societies! Yay!



Penny Lane

Hello from Liverpool :)

I arrived on Sunday afternoon, and have been very busy unpacking and stuff to say hello! My room's a fair size, and I'm still trying to put my stamp on it. To be brutally honest, at the moment I don't feel comfortable here. It's because it's very new surroundings for me, a lot of new people (that's just in my flat), and so much to take in. So it's quite overwhelming.

I didn't feel completely up to going out last night but I decided to just go for it, and went out with most of the girls from my floor. It was a lovely night, I feel like I got to know people better but I ended up getting no sleep because of rowdy people on the floor above. I really hope that doesn't continue, if it does I'm probably going to transfer to a different room.

Meh. Of course I'm going to stick with it, and if I'm honest the moment my course starts I'll probably enjoy everything a lot more.

Sorry for such a blah post! Will sort out a place to do outfit posts asap xxx


Tick Tock

I recieved a whopping 3 parcels in the post today (!), lucky me :) I don't get much post so I was happy about my little haul. Two of them were sedimentology/paleontology textbooks (rocks and fossils to you and me) for University - they look very challenging! Also my best friend Manda sent my birthday present, from Edinburgh! She's at Uni there, can't wait to go and visit.

Anyway, she got me a beautiful coloured scarf which I think I will put somewhere in my new room at Uni to brighten it up :) also I got a bar of yummy chocolate and a beautiful necklace with a clock on the end! I've wanted one for ages, and she gave it to me at the right time because as it's getting colder, my chest (which is allergic to nickel) is hidden so I can start wearing necklaces again!

Apologies for the apparent dark under eye circles, just the shadow! Anyway, there it is :) I love it. I've spent today doing all the washing of clothes that are needed for University, posting parcels and making cookies. I've made way too many but they can be distributed to my new flatmates no doubt!



The Bones Of You

Just felt like showing you these awful quality photos ;)

Apologies in advance for another rather long post, just feel like I need to ramble as of late. It turns out my last post on LDRs was a little pointless as said "relationship" didn't work out. It's a shame, but now I've got a completely clean slate ahead of me on Sunday.

I move to Liverpool in a matter of days, and yep, I'm absolutely terrified. I can chatter for England (you all must know that by now!) but it does take me a while to connect with people, and trust them. I'm hoping to meet some truly lovely people though, and start afresh, get a new job, learn new things, get a new perspective. I've been stuck in a horrible rut since around January and this year has brought nothing but bad luck and unfortunate events. So, on Sunday, new start. Even if I'm worried and nervous, I'm just going to dive right in. Join as many things as I can, go to as many cheesy clubnights that I can afford (I hate clubs, but you have to make the effort oui?).

One thing I am looking forward to is my course. I've got 2 textbooks delivered and so far, one makes me cry, the other makes me an excited little bunny. I'm determined to work as hard as possible with my maths module, the thought of 6hrs of maths per week does make me want to not leave home, but I've just got to stick at it.

I'll definitely try and squeeze one more outfit post in before I leave, but my clothes are about to be packed up, sob sob! Then I need to adjust to dwindling light in winter and a new place to take outfit posts in my uni room. I'll try and make it look as lovely as possible :)

Is anybody else going to a University in Liverpool? Maybe Hope or JMU?




Bonsoir lovely readers. I'm finally getting the hang of this new laptop! I can type fine on it, and even though the blogs come up a little stretched and funny, I'm sure I'll sort it out. Currently listening to Elbow, their album is beautiful. It's been dawning on me recently that within a week, I'll be just over an hour away from my family and also my boyfriend. It doesn't sound a lot, but it costs about a tenner to get there/back, I'm not sure I can waste money like that at University.

I'm getting ever more anxious about being in a long-distance relationship, more so because I'm still adjusting to being in a relationship at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I feel very strongly about him, and trust him completely, it's just going to be a little daunting being so far away. I get moody and paranoid very quickly (don't all girls? ha) so it's making me nervous that he won't be there. Hmm. I'm sure I'm over thinking it as always, but I know little things will get to me and I'll need to learn to calm myself down, and depend less on those around me.

So, are any of you in long-distance relationships at the moment? Do you have any err, hints and tips as it were? I'd appreciate ones that focused on adjusting to being in a LDR, but of course any words of wisdom are appreciated!

Thanks in advance ladies xxx

Happy birthday to me!

So, yesterday was my 19th birthday! Kind of glad I got it out of the way before Uni, had a lazy day with Grace, Tom popped round and so did my grandparents. I got lots of lovely stuff which I wasn't really expecting!

First of all I got a new Laptop, mainly for Uni but it came as a birthday present.
I also got a new pair of boots, they are beautiful. Beautifullllllll. Really big and clunky though haha, not dainty at all!
Also I got a few peices of jewellery including a locket from Tom, a necklace from my grandparents and a bracelet from Katy.
My sister got me a "university survival kit" which she constructed herself as she's now a graduate! It had loads of lovely stuff in: nail varnish, hot chocolate, a bottle opener, a book, a tea bag tin etc.

I spent about £50 of my birthday money on textbooks yesterday, and am putting the rest in the bank today. Also going stationary shopping <3 and spending my Topshop voucher on socks! I know how to have a good time ;)




I must admit I've been feeling slightly out of the loop as of late, I think it's a mixture of receiving bad news within the family and trying to get ready for University. It's all been stressful and draining, unfortunately leaving me feeling like I make one step forward, two steps back. I still haven't got all of my stuff for Uni, am putting on weight again and worst of all haven't had the time or energy to see my best friend before she leaves for Edinburgh tomorrow. And the more I think about these things, the worse I worry. I leave in 9 days, and I'm not even bothered about my birthday on Monday, more so about getting my timetable so I can arrange days to meet people.

I've not seen all my friends a great deal this summer, sometimes you just realise you weren't as close. But some of my closest girls I've barely seen and it makes me feel like an awful friend, but I want to put the time in to making my relationship as strong as possibe before I set off, after all I want it to last the distance, even if it is early days. It kind of stings to realise some people haven't put huge amounts of effort in either, although I guess everyone's busy.

On top of all this I've been applying for jobs like a madwoman, because my loan doesn't even cover my accommodation costs, so I need to make £700 this year (at least) just to live in my halls. And yes my parents will help, of course, but I have no intentions of scrounging off mummy and daddy - University is about independence, none of that living at home crap. Sorry if anyone is living at home and that offends you, but that's just the way I see it.

I've been trying to keep up with blogging but to be honest the stress of everything hasn't left me feeling too photogenic for OOTDs, and the only thing I talk about right now is lists of Uni things.So it's pretty understandable if people stop following this - but for those that have been reading, thankyou :)

However my one little release is looking through your wonderful blogs, so thanks for keeping them interesting!

Just to confirm, my face does still exist ^^^ haha. Speak soon xxx


Tea & Biscuits

Right, I promise to post better things as soon as this week's over, it's been quite busy and up/down! Spent yesterday lazing in bed with Tom as we were both shattered and the awful weather prevented us from doing anything! Also watched The Illusionist (bloody good film) and listened to him play piano. Lovely.

Tomorrow is my grandma's funeral, which hopefully will be ok. Then I'm seeing my best friends for the last time (well for a few months at least) after that, so tomorrow will be very weepy no doubt.

Then on Friday I'm meeting up with my friend Katy to drink tea, eat biscuits/cake and watch films. Oh and Tom and I are going to watch the new Jane Eyre film.... just to criticise it probably haha.

So yes, quite busy as of late but I'm trying to make the most of my last 2 weeks (or one and half weeks now :|) in Preston! Eep!


PS Is anyone else obsessed with The Great British Bake Off? I am *holds hands up*!


Oxford Housewife

Today I went on my uni shop, well to get bedding and some kitchenware (I barely need any for now though as I'm going catered!). Seriously, how many types of pillows can you put in one shop -.- I was so confused.

Anyway, this is what I wore:

Jumper, Primark
Shorts, Dorothy Perkins

Standard lazy outfit there. 

I wanted to show you all what I got, but now the internet's playing up so I'll have to do that some other time! 

Yesterday I made some amazing chocolate cupcakes - the sort that look lovely and taste really light - heaven! May put the recipe on here so all of you can benefit from their lovelieness ;)

I leave for University in 13 days, and I'm 19 in 7 days! Eeek!




Apologies for not posting again lovelies, I know it gets annoying when my posts become a little sporadic! On Wednesday 31st August I received some awful news, that I had lost my Grandma. She had been suffering from Dementia for around 3 years, and God finally decided to take her. I'm happy that she's no longer suffering, and that she's with my Grandad now.