Bonjourno lovely readers. I finally have an outfit post for you <3 I've been a rubbish blogger since results day, apologies, but I've been so busy sorting out University stuff. Raided Boots/Superdrug today and got all my toiletries (I think)! I got the Garnier Bb Cream, and also the MUA Heaven & Earth palette (finally), so will be letting you know how those 2 go soon. Also, I have got a literature-based post planned....sometime soon!

Been shopping today, as I mentioned, and also been taking those lovely gormless pictures for my university ID card, NUS card, rail card etc etc. Not as bad as my passport photo, mind ;)

I wore the outfit below to Manchester when we visited the other day - I finally got my mits on a new planner for the year (hello organisation), which I'll probably show you some other time. Anyone else feel their life falls apart a little bit in summer when they don't have a planner? :')

Jumper, New Look
Skort, Topshop
Tights, M&S
Necklace, can't remember where it's from!

 I bought that jumper when I went to Glasgow on Tuesday - it's lovely! Also got a burgundy skirt from NL too, so will be showing you that. As soon as it hits September 1st, I'm getting in my A/W gear ;)


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