I'll meet you on the rebound, or somewhere inbetween

Had a very lazy day today. Woke up at about 11.45am, after only going to sleep a few hours before. It was my first night out in ages, I had such a good time! Went with my lovely flat ladies and some of the guys from downstairs. We hit the cheesy Popworld first (Liverpool people, I urge you to go if you haven't been before!) and then carried on to Le Bataeu, a lovely bar/club playing decent music for once! Got some Nirvana, White Stripes, Kasabian and The Strokes, good stuff. We got back around 3.30am, ordered a takeaway and then hit the hey.

Photos will be up soon xxx



If you want an update, yes I'm still sick as a dog! Painted my nails leopard style in order to cheer myself up. Quite proud of them, usually my left hand goes dodgy but today it behaved :)



General life update

1. Sick as a dog currently, hence why I haven't blogged in ages. Haven't got the energy to do much so generally end up curled up in bed by about 11, standard! I don't mind because I've missed sleeping. Trying to eat well, drink alot, force lemsip down my throat and trying to get out and about.

2. Uni is going well, although I am struggling to motivate myself to get to all my lectures. I generally skip one or two a week, mainly out of tiredness which is a rubbish excuse. Trying to snap out of it! Getting all my work done whether I turn up to lectures or not though, which I'm very proud of.

3. The rest of this week will be spent working some more, applying for jobs, making myself better, and going out for halloween. Which will probably backtrack all of my good efforts to get well! A student event has been organised so we're all going as vampires to that. Quite excited!




(Yes I did just title this post based on the clouds outside - nerd!)

Hello lovelies, hope you're all well. I was planning on posting this weekend but forgot I was out in the field in Wales all weekend! It involved triangulation and navigation activities, sediment analysis and meteorological observations. Oh and walking through sheep-filled fields. We visited a town called Beaumaris to visit Puffin Island on the boat, and the town was so nice! I forgot to bring any pennies with me but it was probably for the best, I'd have bought everything in sight otherwise!

It was lovely to get to know all the people on my course (there's only 15 of us you see), we spent our evenings either in the pub or in our log cabins (yes we had log cabins!) watching telly. The boys even invited me round for home-made spag bol on the second night, how lovely of them.

This week will be spent catching up on my field notes which are in a diabolical state, trying not to miss any lectures, and spending time with friends. I visit my sister at the weekend, really excited! My bank balance is crying at the cost of the train tickets but hey ho, that's what an overdraft's for. It's nice to be in a good mood at Uni, I feel like I've properly settled in. I was planning on visiting my parents in the next few weeks but I think I could happily stay here til Christmas. Saying that I do miss my mum, dad and cat!



Moi / My beloved apples / A very interesting book... ahem / The snack drawer / My guitar

Currently have time to blog because I'm too hungover to concentrate on differentiation and functions (I hate maths). Those photos are just a mish-mash of my unversity life really, it's not very interesting I know! My camera's playing up y'see, eats up batteries and I can't afford a stamp, let alone stuff like that.

I hope you're all well xxx



I'm cool.

Another lazy day post for you. I haven't had much to blog about as of late if I'm honest, do you really want to hear about rocks and climate? ;) I'm really enjoying my course though, except maths is getting a little tedious. Hey ho. Today will be filled with work, applying for jobs, procrastination and soup.

Yesterday me, Emily and Ruby went to town to pick up a few bits and bobs. I managed to get a packet of pringles, mini cheddars, cupasoups, pasta sauce, 6 cans of soup, shaving foam, a hat, 2 pairs of gloves and ear muffs. All for under £15, proud of myself there! Lugging all that home was effort in itself, never mind the wind and rain :')

In the evening I watched TV with the girls, and me and Ruby stayed up a tid bit later to watch Trainspotting. Now I like the cult films, if you can call them that, but that film had no plot whatsoever.. basically guy on drugs, guy tripping, guy ODing, guy off drugs. Not for me!

I apologise for the blog getting so boring as of late, but thankyou for sticking with me! :)



Sleepy monday morning

....And it's the start of week 2! Where on earth is time going? The weekend went by very fast, and I didn't even do anything worthwhile except finish off a sedimentology sheet which is due in today. Yesterday the girls had a lazy day of breakfast, working (I use that term lightly) and just mooching into other people's rooms. Yesterday evening I went to make friends downstairs, as I hardly know any of the boys here!

So the plan for today was to get breakfast and do lots of work early on, but I over slept.. oops. Eh well, I needed it! Also going to pop and see my GP before I head off to my sedimentologly lecture, the only one of the day. That means I'll be back by about half 2 and can finish off all my notes before going for tea! The plans for tonight are as of yet unknown, unless I missed the plan-making when I missed breakfast. Oops.

No idea what to wear today - it's been raining in Liverpool but I bet it's still really warm -.- set to be bloody freezing on tuesday though, yay!

Have a lovely day everyone, and thankyou for sticking by me even though my posts are lacking atm! :)

I leave you with a photo of me holding a 65p bar of chocolate. SIXTY FIVE PENCE. Nom.