Sleepy monday morning

....And it's the start of week 2! Where on earth is time going? The weekend went by very fast, and I didn't even do anything worthwhile except finish off a sedimentology sheet which is due in today. Yesterday the girls had a lazy day of breakfast, working (I use that term lightly) and just mooching into other people's rooms. Yesterday evening I went to make friends downstairs, as I hardly know any of the boys here!

So the plan for today was to get breakfast and do lots of work early on, but I over slept.. oops. Eh well, I needed it! Also going to pop and see my GP before I head off to my sedimentologly lecture, the only one of the day. That means I'll be back by about half 2 and can finish off all my notes before going for tea! The plans for tonight are as of yet unknown, unless I missed the plan-making when I missed breakfast. Oops.

No idea what to wear today - it's been raining in Liverpool but I bet it's still really warm -.- set to be bloody freezing on tuesday though, yay!

Have a lovely day everyone, and thankyou for sticking by me even though my posts are lacking atm! :)

I leave you with a photo of me holding a 65p bar of chocolate. SIXTY FIVE PENCE. Nom.


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