Tick Tock

I recieved a whopping 3 parcels in the post today (!), lucky me :) I don't get much post so I was happy about my little haul. Two of them were sedimentology/paleontology textbooks (rocks and fossils to you and me) for University - they look very challenging! Also my best friend Manda sent my birthday present, from Edinburgh! She's at Uni there, can't wait to go and visit.

Anyway, she got me a beautiful coloured scarf which I think I will put somewhere in my new room at Uni to brighten it up :) also I got a bar of yummy chocolate and a beautiful necklace with a clock on the end! I've wanted one for ages, and she gave it to me at the right time because as it's getting colder, my chest (which is allergic to nickel) is hidden so I can start wearing necklaces again!

Apologies for the apparent dark under eye circles, just the shadow! Anyway, there it is :) I love it. I've spent today doing all the washing of clothes that are needed for University, posting parcels and making cookies. I've made way too many but they can be distributed to my new flatmates no doubt!



Rachel, Cold Knees said...

the necklace is realy pretty! I have a similar one that I just hang up for decoration. I love getting parcels in the post :) xx

Gabby said...

I've wanted a necklace like that for ages, Rachel! :) xxx