Sunday nothings & Einaudi;

Yes my music taste has gotten all classical ;) Ha I joke, still like all the usual stuff but Einaudi is just so peaceful to listen to.

I hope you're all well, I've been losing followers recently which makes me a little sad! Only a few mind, but c'est la vie. Still thankful I've got sixty or so people that are vaguely interested in my day to day activities :')

Today was spent having a BBQ (without sun, in true British fashion) and watching Harry Potter 6 - it wasn't my favourite by a long shot, neither was the fifth... just feel it's less about Hogwarts and more about Voldemort so it goes all dark and people die etc! Although I've not seen the last 2, that's on my to do list this week. Also I'm seeing the wonderful Evie tomorrow for a good old catch up! I do hope this week goes quickly, last week went at a snail's pace!

One last thing: I've decided on a tattoo! Getting "tread softly" written on my right foot, just below my toes. It's from "He Wishes For Cloths of Heaven" by Yeats, a poem I love. Saving up as we speak ^.^



Friday Happiness; #4

1. Photographs
2. Big shirts
3. Good hair days
4. Rings
5. Recipe books
6. Dates to look forward to
7. "The Tree of Life" film
8. Sunshine
9. Relaxation
10. Candles

Decided to give you 10 things that make me happy, instead of the usual 5! I'm in a good mood today, went out for a walk and am going on another later with my mum. Walking is such an easy way to exercise! Might even constitute making brownies at the weekend... I have such a sugar craving, oh dear. Going to pick my sister up from York tomorrow, so that's most of saturday gone as it's a long drive. Although may watch some more Harry Potter films in the evening and on sunday! Hope you all have a lovely weekend, if I do end up making the brownies I'll try and take a photo before I eat them all ;) 



Miss you.

Hope everyone's having a lovely sunny day like I am here up North! I'll go out for a walk with my mum when she gets home, nice to get a bit of exercise in eh! I currently look horrendously unattractive - well, not completely - just been feasting on some herby bread I made, and have a fat lip. I have no idea where it came from, I haven't walked into a door mid-sleep have I? Wouldn't put it past me.

The plans for the rest of this week include seeing some friends and generally mooching as usual. I really, really want a nice day out somewhere like Stratford Upon Avon but I have zilch funds, booo. Someone's welcome to whisk me away ha! Yesterday I met up with my beautiful friend Mary and we had a right old catch up with tea and a film (and cake..), lovely. Here's what I wore:

The skirt and top are Topshop, and anyone that's been reading this blog for a while will know the watch is my grandad's. I love that belt, it feels so vintage-y! (Also Topshop though, booo).

Off to tidy up the kitchen as I've covered it in flour! I'm not a clean baker...




I know lots of people have heard about the tragic deaths of both the people of Norway and Amy Winehouse over this weekend. I pray that nobody else is added to the list but sadly this probably won't be the case. Death is such a strange thing, it takes away someone in an instant, what's beyond is unknown and what is left behind is a deep hole. So for those of people who are trying to gauge which death deserves more attention, stop. Stop stop stop. Any death is as important as the next, everyone is equal, no matter what their circumstance is. So many other people today will have lost their lives in the world today be it through an accident, natural causes or tragic losses such as poverty. It's a shame, no doubt about it, but the best we can do whilst we are lucky enough to still be around is to respect the dead and their memory, and never forget just how fragile life is. 

Makes you appreciate the simple things doesn't it?


23rd July


- Peruse Folksy
- Start reading "The Quiet American"
- Make bunting.



22nd July

How is it nearly August!? Waaah. I told myself I'd let myself relax in July, and let the worrying commence in August. And now it's nearly August, perfect.

Spent the day yesterday getting out of the house to visit a friend, who I hadn't seen in ages. And also won't see again for ages, ha! Such is life eh. We tried to watch The King's Speech but.. well I didn't think it was that special? Tbh I didn't finish watching it because it was so dull, but I might finish it off today. Colin Firth's adorable though <3

My sister's home for the weekend, so we'll just relax and do some baking I think!



20th July

Denim shirt - Topshop
Top - New Look
Belt - Topshop

Standard lazy day high street outfit! Going to bake scones today, nom :) 



Topshop/ASOS, shape my A/W wardrobe!

I've seen loads of these posts around the blogosphere (yes I did just say that), so thought it was time to do my own. Because let's face it, we haven't really had a summer have we! We got one in May and that was it. I love Autumn and Winter anyway, for the clothes. The lovely, lovely clothes.


2. SHORTS (to be worn with tights ofc!)



Pre Graduation Face

Not mine, of course. My sister's graduating tomorrow, quite excited - bet I'll be all weepy with pride!

Just had my hair cut - it always looks like they take so much off but it's never that bad! Had layers put back in so my hair is more... bouncy? Flicky? It's different basically.

You may have seen on my twitter that I baked a loaf for the first time - quite nice if I do say so myself!

Only a quick post because I need to get on with a mountain of ironing. Should get an hourly rate for the amount of housework I do!




Too pretty. I'd love to say I could aim to have legs like hers but come on, no-one can have those nice pins unless you're given the "good genes". Unfair! Although on another note I'm considering dying my hair a darker brown, perhaps her colour. At the moment mine's a sort of... mousey brown? I don't know. Nothing permanent, just a wash in-out one, to see! :)


Life's greatest mystery & other ramblings.

Life's greatest mystery.

Well this is my life's current greatest mystery, aside from books I can't understand and how to make the perfect brew: How can one stay happy and eat healthily?

I referred to myself as "one", oh dear. But anyway, Like I mentioned previously I'm trying to lose around a stone before university. I eat well, try to exercise everyday and wait for it - have stopped baking. Practically killing me that. Although I did need a break from it as my fairy-cake skills were dwindling somewhat... anyway.

Wish I could make these!

If anyone else is losing weight like me, and knows of any foods that are edible whilst trying to lose weight (ie taste lovely and are low fat), please tell me! I'm getting sick of carrots and cous cous.

Might go on a walk today, that can be my exercise. Cooing over the cute ducks at the duckpond methinks.


Other ramblings.

I love Laura Marling.
I'm not painting my nails all week, shock horror.
I'd love to get a dog.
Most of my time these days is spent watching friends - no shame.
I think I'll clean my room today, although I know lots of spiders are lurking. :(
More cous cous for lunch.

I want to spend the day like this!



The Plan.

- Watch the end of Marley and Me 
- Cous cous 
- Washing machine
- Post office
- Walk
- Biscotti & tea
- Iron
- Julie and Julia. Maybe.
- Organise a night with friends



Sunday nothings & Laura Marling;

Having another lazy sunday (when do I ever have a busy sunday? ha!) today. Going out for a meal later with my family which I'm looking forward to - have been eating really well recently so I feel I can have a good meal there.  It's kind of half celebrating my sister's degree results (she got a first in Psychology!) and my mum's birthday. Should be good! 

I'm not sure what my plans for this week are - I want to keep busy and doing housework to earn more money for Uni but also want to see my friends! Saying that, my bus pass has expired from college so now I have to pay £3.50 to get into town :( boo! Yeah, I'll plan some free trips - maybe have to walk to town, whoopee.

Hope everyone else has a lovely day! Listening to Laura Marling, hence the title :)



Hold your devil by his spoke, spin him to the ground

shirt, topshop / shorts, dorothy perkins / shoes, m&s
nails / rimmel "black pearl"

Lazy-shirty-outfit today (as per usual) I'm in such a lazy mood lately! Can't be bothered to leave the house that much, would rather stay in and watch films! I did go out today, got some Dylon dye for the top I posted about yesterday - dyed it red! Hope it comes out nice when I wash it tomorrow.

Tomorrow my sister comes back for the weekend :) she's staying in York lots because of..... work stuff, I don't know, I can't keep up! But hey ho she's back for the weekend. She's back properly for summer in August! Ha. Hopefully we're going to watch Bridesmaids eee. Been waiting ages to see it!

New development for you all: After weighing myself for the first time in ages a few days ago, I've decided I want to lose a stone before Uni. I know I'm not "fat", whatever people's description of fat is these days, but I'd like to shed a little weight. Cue daily rowing machine efforts and healthy eating! I've done quite well today - had no biscuits, all day! That's unheard of hahah.

Any random weight loss tips? Please let me know!

Going to get some tea (without sugar, boo) and watch some telly :)



Week (so far) in photos;

I don't think I've ever done one of these posts before, and please brace yourself for an insight into my truly boring life as of late :')

01. Lemon drizzle muffins. They did not go well, as you can see. :(

02. My sister brought back her nail varnish collection and I got straight on it - Barry M "Mushroom"!

03. Some of you may have seen me tweeting about this - finished it in about 2 days, absolutely loved it!

04. My new favourite snack.. strawberry liquorice!

05. Breakfast of choice - I have a tiny appetite in the morning!

06. A note to remind myself to check out Mac lipstick

07. 3 favourite nail varnishes as of late : Topshop "Hunter", OPI "Fortune Cookie" and Barry M "Mushroom

08. Watched "Lost in Translation" this morning - sweet film :)

09. A freebie mum got in Red magazine - It's not red at all (of course) but a nice deep pink!

10. I got this tunic from Republic in the sale they had, and forgot to return it - I didn't like the colour, but I want to try and dye it a deeper red for winter!


Hello Mr Darcy.

Bonjour :)

How do you like the new layout? Fancied a change around, although it's a little shabby I can work on it - not a computer whizz! Might have another tweak with it today but nothing major.

I spent yesterday with Jess, watching Harry Potter and chatting (whilst cooing over her adorable dogs!), so that was nice. I don't seem to do much these days so it was nice to do nothing with someone else :')

Today will be spent ironing and cleaning my sister's room - the joys of summer student life!



Home-made bread

Good.. afternoon? Ha. I'm becoming so lazy I forget the time/day! I need the rest anyway.
Today I'm writing cover letters for some jobs that are going in Leeds, doing masses of ironing and baking bread! I sound like an unemployed housewife don't I?!

Just my lazy outfit - the shirt was stolen from my dad and the jeans are topshop!



100th post: How to bake the perfect cupcake!

Hello everyone :)

I thought I'd do a bit of a different post for my 100th post (feels like I've done way more), and thought I'd share this recipe with you. It's from Nigella Lawson's "Domestic Goddess" cookbook which is an absolute God send for me! 

Basic Cupcake Recipe (makes 12)

You will need...

125g Unsalted butter at room temperature

125g caster sugar

2 eggs

125g Self Raising flour

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Basically, chuck all of that into a food processor...

Don't forget to put the blade in your food processor like I did -.-

Mix til smooth, then add 2-3 tablespoons of milk whilst pulsing to make a smooth consistency.

At this point I poured the mixture into a measuring jug to make it easier to pour into the cupcake moulds!

Like so :)

 IMPORTANT: Put the cupcakes in the oven for 15-20 minutes. I had mine in muffin cases, so, they needed a little longer. Check them after 15 and if they haven't risen, put them on for another 3-4 minutes and check again.

Leave to cool on a wire rack once done, and when your tray has cooled transfer the cupcakes on to the cooling rack. If your cupcakes start to sink when you take them out,  put them back in the oven for another 2 minutes!

Whilst they are cooling you can make your buttercream - you need about 200g butter to 200g icing sugar but it's basically a matter of whipping the butter up until pale and fluffy and then adding the icing sugar until pale and lovely-tasting. Also add a few drops of milk/vanilla essence to make the buttercream glossy.

(Making buttercream whilst watching Wimbledon is optional)

Then ice your cakes, adding whatever you want on top!

Let me know if you try them! :)