General life update

1. Sick as a dog currently, hence why I haven't blogged in ages. Haven't got the energy to do much so generally end up curled up in bed by about 11, standard! I don't mind because I've missed sleeping. Trying to eat well, drink alot, force lemsip down my throat and trying to get out and about.

2. Uni is going well, although I am struggling to motivate myself to get to all my lectures. I generally skip one or two a week, mainly out of tiredness which is a rubbish excuse. Trying to snap out of it! Getting all my work done whether I turn up to lectures or not though, which I'm very proud of.

3. The rest of this week will be spent working some more, applying for jobs, making myself better, and going out for halloween. Which will probably backtrack all of my good efforts to get well! A student event has been organised so we're all going as vampires to that. Quite excited!


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