New Blog!

I've just started my new blog, would really appreciate it if you took a look round! http://gabby-treadsoftly.blogspot.com/



Until 2012...

Hello lovely readers, unfortnately this will be the last post of mine in 2012, and indeed on this blog. People always say it's been a whirlwind year, up and down, but sadly mine has had little ups and plenty more downs. So tomorrow I begin a new chapter in my life, and at first this new chapter won't have time for petty outfit posts, weekly round-ups etc. At this time other things should be more significant.

Hopefully in the new year I'll be able to come back to a new blog because it's what I love doing, and be a changed and better person, I owe myself that much actually. So if I do I'll post the new link on here and invite you on over :)
Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a peaceful new year, keep safe xxx



Apologies for the poor quality, but here is my new dress that I'm pretty sure I tweeted about. It's from Dorothy Perkins, got it with 30% off, yay! I love the colour, you can't see it too well here but it's basically the same colour of that dress that Kate Middleton wore when she announced her engagement.

Hopefully get to wear it out and about soon :)

PS Sorry for the headless-ness, bad face day ;)



It's gruesome that someone so handsome should care

Got used to me looking constantly sleepy? Yep? Good.
Shoved this on before Uni one day and got rather alot of compliments! I always put this dress on when I'm feeling lazy cos it's so comfy, and put the top (which is my sister's, Grace you left it in your wardrobe and you'd gone to York, I needed a pretty top!) on over it.

My dress came from Alice & You today, but I'll post about that some other time. It's such a lovely colour and fits, thank God!

Tonight I was supposed to be going to the neighbouring halls' bar to cheer on my coursemate and his band, but sadly I need to write up (and try and understand) 12 pages of maths and physics notes! Yay!



It's always darkest before the dawn

Bonsoir lovely readers. Hope you're all well :)

This week has been rather up and down to say the least. Mainly because Uni seems to have hit a brick wall at the moment, my course is getting very difficult and I'm already worrying about my January exams. Eeep. I'm also struggling on the money front so have had to hunt for jobs like a madwoman. I hadn't got anything back from lots of stores, and stupidly realised I'd put my wrong phone number on my CV! Idiot! Anyway that's been changed now, and I've recently applied for a job at a theatre, so wish me luck! :)

True to form I'm having a cosy night in on a saturday, and going out on sunday instead. Seeing as the flat is like a ghost town (everyone's gone home!) I thought I'd give you some random pictures from the past few weeks! Mainly nails of course ;)

Iya eye. These were my nails for Halloween, just a blood red colour with black tips.

Standard red nails.

My recently crafted black shirt - it originally had very puffy black sleeves but I snipped them off. Just need to tidy the sleeves up now!

Me (with my attractive halls in the background) with my favourite spotty dress from Daisy Lane before a night out with the girls.

Three of the best things in life, no?

Leopard-style nails!