Bonsoir lovely readers. I'm finally getting the hang of this new laptop! I can type fine on it, and even though the blogs come up a little stretched and funny, I'm sure I'll sort it out. Currently listening to Elbow, their album is beautiful. It's been dawning on me recently that within a week, I'll be just over an hour away from my family and also my boyfriend. It doesn't sound a lot, but it costs about a tenner to get there/back, I'm not sure I can waste money like that at University.

I'm getting ever more anxious about being in a long-distance relationship, more so because I'm still adjusting to being in a relationship at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I feel very strongly about him, and trust him completely, it's just going to be a little daunting being so far away. I get moody and paranoid very quickly (don't all girls? ha) so it's making me nervous that he won't be there. Hmm. I'm sure I'm over thinking it as always, but I know little things will get to me and I'll need to learn to calm myself down, and depend less on those around me.

So, are any of you in long-distance relationships at the moment? Do you have any err, hints and tips as it were? I'd appreciate ones that focused on adjusting to being in a LDR, but of course any words of wisdom are appreciated!

Thanks in advance ladies xxx

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Kat; said...

I've been in a long distance relationship for the past 2 years, and i'm not going to lie, it sucks! but what i wish i would have known 2 years ago is, let arguments happen, they're rubbish, but you'll have them (probably about being so far away) but you've gotta let your annoyance out some how, and don't pick at every little thing, it'll make you paranoid. Just know that you love each other and that you trust him. Honestly, there's no magic solution, just see each other when you both have the time, don't try to push things when you're both stressed, ie exam period and talk about everything, that last one really helps!

I've added you on Twitter (@_legseleven) any questions, i'm happy to try and answer!

K ox