Hello there :)

Today I've been at University for the morning, struggling with maths (what's new), and also went on a tour of the National Oceanography Centre which is right on campus at Liverpool. It's really spurred me on to work more on my maths/physics skills! After that I came home, made soup and went on a walk with Emily and Lib for ice cream. I got chocolate instead, it was very cheap! Well done Tesco. How lovely is the weather today?!

Yep, I look knackered. Yep, it's awful lighting. It's a halls room! What do you expect haha. The cords are from Red Herring and the top from Topshop. Lazy outfit for when it's warm :)

And my nails, using Models Own "Bronze Rage" and the Barry M Crackle nail polish. Love it!

Some pictures of my room - I haven't shown you it yet have I?

Ok so it's not a beauty of a room, but I like it! It's cosy, that was my main aim. Could happily spend hours at a time in here.

About to go for tea with the girls (i'm in catered accommodation), for Lasagne. NOM. It's amazing ha. Tomorrow I have a rather busy day ahead of me but I don't really mind, I like busy days :)


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hope you settle in okay! im from liverpool and its an amazing city so im sure you'll have an amazing time!