Lazy thursday..

Hello lovelies. Hope you're having a nice week :)

Yesterday I went to Liverpool with my mum and dad, and had a lovely day. Me and mum wandered round some shops and I came home with some cupcake cases, sweets etc! We went to the Tate Gallery after lunch to look at the René Magritte exhibition "Pleasure Principle", and I was so impressed. I'm not an art-buff myself but his work was mind-blowing. I got myself a lovely notebook which I'll write nice quotes in.

I'd recommend going if anyone's within a train distance, the city & the gallery were fantastic.



Lemony fingers

Story of my life right now - been baking lemon drizzle cupcakes in the kitchen for a few hours. I'm not entirely sure about them because they don't have any butter in them! Healthy oui, tasty? Maybe. Also been watching the tennis as usual - it seems everyone down south is getting lots of thunder and showers! Happy to say that up north the weather is dreary and sunny :) ha.

I'm off to the cinema later to (finally) watch Pirates of the Caribbean...4 is it? I lose track! Should be good, anything with Johnny Depp in it does me fine ;)

Has anybody seen Bridesmaids? I'm going to see that soon, too - is it as good as the critics have said?

Lazy outfit for today - will change later as there's no way one can be comfy in a playsuit for 2 hours in the cinema!

Playsuit, Topshop
I know I'm not wearing my Grandad's watch, I was making lemon icing and didn't want to spill lemon juice on it!  :)



The Odyssey

"Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns driven time and again off course, once he had plundered the hallowed heights of Troy. Many cities of men he saw and learned their minds, many pains he suffered, heartsick on the open sea, fighting to save his life and bring his comrades home. But he could not save them from disaster, hard as he strove—
the recklessness of their own ways destroyed them all, the blind fools, they devoured the cattle of the Sun and the Sungod blotted out the day of their return. Launch out on his story, Muse, daughter of Zeus, start from where you will—sing for our time too."



Dancing like you used to

Hello everyone, hope you're having a lovely weekend. Anyone actually getting any of this "heatwave"? All I'm getting is stuffy heat! Ha. Moan moan moan from up north eh.

I've spent my days since exams fully letting myself wind down, my head was pumping from all the stress I've felt from the past few months, it's awful. That meant no parties, just films, food and concentrating on my family because I've been neglecting them recently, because of exams. I went to visit my grandma yesterday and will be going to see my grandad next week. Need to pick out some flowers that seem manly! That will be a challenge haha.

As of next week I'm back into being a normal teenager, watching lots of films with friends (including going to the cinema for the first time in yonks - Pirates anyone?) and just generally relaxing.

Starting the 30 day shred in July (again).. oh no. Scared. :')

Today will be spent catching up on Glasto - currently watching The Gaslight Anthem who are pretty decent! Love relaxing to live music.

Anyway there was your catch up of my boring last few days! I promise to do some outfit posts later this week :) :)


EDIT: I'll be opening a shop soon - you can look at the items on sale HERE



Sat with my cat on the sofa watching re-runs of all the comedy shows on C4 last night, with a brew and crackers. Simple things, people! 



Friday happiness; #4

1. Summer
I'm not going on holiday but would love a few days out to different places (especially Edinburgh!). Other plans include watching Wimbledon & all the festivals from the comfort of my living room (surrounded by junk food) and having lovely days out with my friends :) <3

2. Culture
Would love to go to Liverpool soon and look around the Tate gallery there, and also to Grasmere to look at all the Wordsworth things (and buy books of course).

3. Plans
I just love planning days out, don't you? Things to look forward to, it's why I've made my summer to do list!

4. Reading
Finally I can read whatever I like, whenever I like <3 such a wonderful feeling! Nothing makes me happier to be sat with a blanket, a brew and a good book.

5. Laura Marling
Lovely relaxing music, her songs are also really catchy on guitar so I've taken the time out to learn a few, including "Alpha Shallows" :)



 "I'm not frightened. I'm not frightened of anything. The more I suffer, the more I love. Danger will only increase my love. It will sharpen it, forgive its vice. I will be the only angel you need. You will leave life even more beautiful than you entered it. Heaven will take you back and look at you and say: Only one thing can make a soul complete and that thing is love."

- The Reader

My thursday;

Hello my lovelies :)

Today I'm having the laziest day possible. I got up at a reasonable time due to my cat jumping around on my bed, and have been baking bread this morning. Can't wait to get it in the oven and have the house smelling all nice <3. After that I'm going to settle down and watch Desperate Housewives, have some lunch and then get on with cleaning the house!

Oh I love lazy days xxx



My silly computer was playing up and wouldn't let me post this until now. Anywho, just a casual exam day outfit - can very easily chuck this dress on and still feel like I've made an effort!

Maxi dress: Daisy Lane
Scarf: Vintage
Belt: Part of a dress from Miss Selfridge

I look absolutely knackered don't I? No wonder! I'm still so happy that my exams are over, yayyy. Relaxing tonight to the tune of Waterloo Road (which will make me cry as usual), The Apprentice and then watching Desperate Housewives tomorrow morning I reckon. Oh I do love my telly.

Hope you've had a wonderful day :)


Summertime To Do List

I first saw this idea on the lovely Jess' blog, check it out.

Seeing as I generally end up floating round aimlessly over summer, I've given myself a list. I haven't put anything about work/volunteering purely because I'm not sure whether I'll get a job for such a short period of time, although I might volunteer at my local charity shop.

1. Finish Lady Chatterley’s Lover
2. Visit a new City  Liverpool
3. Spend a day on the park with friends, with a picnic or barbeque
4. Host a barbeque/Come Dine With Me-style night
5. Have at least 3 movie days with 3 different people
6. Spend a day away from Blogger/Twitter/Facebook
7. Bake a lemon meringue pie
8. Spend a day charity shopping
9. Visit Edinburgh & The Lakes
10. Spend a day reading Shakespeare/watching Romeo & Juliet
11. Go for a run (at least once!)
12. Complete the 30 day shred
13. Meet up with the girls for a girly day: wine, chick-flicks etc
14. Donate clothes to charity/start up a Blog shop
15. Spend a day watching Gavin and Stacey
16. Go to the beach: Blackpool with the girls
17. Spend a week wearing dresses
18. Spend a week not painting your nails – give them a rest!
19. Write a poem
20. Visit the Library at least 3 times



Tatt tatt

Good afternoon lovelies. I have a post based on tattoos here, because I've been thinking about it for a while and would love to get my first one before Uni. Ideally I'd like 2 or 3.

The first I'd like is a bookshelf, the second a compass and I'm not sure about the third.
I'd love to get a bookshelf on my ribs, ideally something like this:

Although without the little pooh-bear thingy. I'd also have them a little clearer. But, the question I have - does it hurt? And will it stretch? I doubt it will unless I gain lots of weight but I do have a rather small top half so it does have the potential to grow. 

Also I'd love a compass somewhere on me, probably my wrist now I think about it but I'm abit dubious as I might want to teach when I'm older - not sure employers would like it? Unless I do geography, then it'd show commitment :')



Tea & Croissants

One word: nom. I think I consume these two things a little too much. 

Here are my random nails I conjured up the other night. I wish my lines were neater but what can you do, unsteady hand! I don't do "nail art" so to speak, I just get bored and grab the old eyeliner.

I seem to have fallen back into another old... habit? I'm not sure what you'd call it. That moment of realisation when you realise your feelings and that. I'm still trying to digest them, it's weird. I'm having a domestic weekend, just how I like 'em: cleaned the study as it was getting on my nerves, made myself some lunch, wandered round in a dress even though I've no intention of leaving the house all day, and I'm baking profiteroles later on. NOM. Love them. Ok they're not the healthiest thing on the planet, but I've been eating like a pig for days and have no intention on stopping until my exams are over (wednesday!)



(Belated) Friday happiness, #3

Ok I'm awful at this weekly post thing, I'll agree with you all.

1. DH Lawrence
Just started reading Lady Chatterly's lover, thank God for revolutionary authors like Lawrence!

2. Gentlemen
A man that will open doors for me, ask how I am, and take an interest in what I say has my heart.

3. The Tallest Man on Earth
I've mentioned Kristian before and I'll mention him again - such wonderful music!

4. My dad
Of course I had to mention dad here cos it's father's day tomorrow. He's taught me about good music, my guitar and morals.

Sorry, not going to post a picture of my dad on here!

5. Simplicity
Recently I've been getting up, doing a little work (if I need to), reading, baking and just doing nothing hugely interesting. Sounds weird but I've been really enjoying myself, I feel alot calmer :)


Rings I'd like;

I think I want that see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil ring more than my A-Levels right now! I'll probably save up and get it, trust me I'm that much of a pauper £8 is saving up! Haha.

Today's whizzed by, how is it 5pm already? I've spent my day lounging around, watching telly and reading. Perfect day. About to go and get a brew, read some more and then get a chinese :)!



Snow white stitching up your circuit board

Tunic/dress - New Look
Belt - Topshop?

Ring (affectionately known as Humper): H&M

Comfy Brogues: New Look 

My outfit is all high street and boring today ha. Nah I like that dress, the only problem with it is it tends to catch on to my coat as I'm walking round and when I take my coat off the dress is at my hips! Ha. I manage :')

I've finally finished this week, it seems like months ago since I last had a lie in so tonight I'm calling my friend for a chinwag, then going to bed. Nothing else. Just sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

How rubbish is this weather? June, where are you?



Little Miss Sunshine

That's what's on my mug in front of me, although I want to watch the film now! Sorry for the sporadic/boring posting over the last week, I've had a week crammed with exams and it has left me very tired and uncreative. One more left tomorrow, and apparently I'm drinking straight after, at around 11am. I think not. What with my weak body and alcohol I may wobble around a fair bit! Here's my round up of exams:

Biology resit #1: That was so long ago, I can't remember how it went!
Biology exam: Less said on this the better.
General studies exam: Had fun rambling about novels/the EU/USA etc.
Geography exam: Think I secured my A :)
Literature exam: Again, think I secured my A :)
Geography resit: this is tomorrow, hopefully it will go well!

I'll try and take an outfit post at the weekend but my camera is gobbling up batteries at the moment! Also, this face ain't so pretty with a week of exams showing. 

I wound down watching Desperate Housewives before (can't get enough of it!), and most of my revision for tomorrow's exam will probably take place in bed. I'd like to spend a day in bed doing absolutely nothing, but I get too restless. Maybe a nice boy to join me? Now I think about it I've been single for some time, it's nice but at the same time I miss daily cuddles etc.

I miss my grandad a little bit more than usual as of late, I'm not sure why. But I'm doing these exams in his honour, so I hope I get the grades to make him happy. I'll be visiting his grave after my exams have finished which I'm sure will be both awful/nice at the same time, hmm.

Anyway :) have a lovely evening xxx



Some pretty pictures to brighten up your mid-week (ish), I can't be bothered to type anything of note. So tired, these exams are killing me! Making peanut butter cookies later, yum :)



(Belated) Friday happiness, #2

1. The prospect of next Friday
Ok well I should say the Wednesday after next, but at least on Friday my week of hell will be over.  I hope I've done enough, this stuff really counts.

2. Passing notes
This sounds very tacky and American, but I do love it when people write little bits and bobs/doodles on paper and throw them at me (if they're nice things)!

3. Friendly Fires
Recently rekindled my love for their lyrics, the drums, the dancing, and oh, the lead singer, yum.

4. Dresses 
I plan on wearing a dress for each one of my exams, with my grandad's watch, for luck. It will be my ritual.

5. Having faith
In myself, in God, in the future. Happiness comes through faith.

Images that make me smile;



My life for the next week

Revision revision revision. Well, more revision more revision more revision.

Friday: Revise biology, pick up Grace from the station, revise biology at home
Saturday: Finish off geography cue cards/give them a once over, revise biology at night
Sunday: Revise biology all day
Monday: Revise biology in the morning, Biology exam in the afternoon.
Tuesday: General studies exam in the morning, geography exam in the afternoon.
Wednesday: Revise English and biology resit stuff.
Thursday: English exam in the morning, revise geography resit stuff in the afternoon.
Friday: Geography resit exam in the morning, revise Biology in the afternoon.

Because of that ^^^ I'm not blogging/tweeting for the next week. *waves* :(



Infra red

Quick post because I want to finish (or nearly finish) my cue cards off for geography so I can relax later on.

- I woke up ridiculously early
- I got the ridiculously early bus
- I drank tea in college with some friends
- Learnt nothing knew in lit, but refreshed my brain
- Spent the rest of the day "revising"
- "Revising" now means chatting, procrastinating, the like
- Some mean boys hid my flask of tea. Uncool.
- Off I go to do my work!



I'd tear the sun in three to light up your eyes

But I wanted to show you another one of my lovely purchases - This is another one from Daisy Lane that I mentioned in my other post. Admittedly, it makes my boobs look massive, but hey ho, if you've got it flaunt it :')

I've spent today with friends/revising as usual. Tomorrow is a full revision day for Literature, I might not stay for all of it and just revise on my own, I've been getting quite a lot done recently. Although a flask of tea and a cosy jumper are essential for tomorrow.




Currently alone in a cosy library, just how I like it. I'm working on geography but thought I would say hello as I'm having myself a little break. Hope everyone else's work is going well, I know a lot of us are dealing with AS/A Levels and the like!

I took the plunge (sounds like I got married, I didn't) and wore my black maxi dress today. I love it, I feel so relaxed and ladylike in it! Even though I have to walk in little steps as it doesn't allow much room at the bottom ha, ah well. I had comments that it was too formal, but that was a boy's point of view and I chose not to listen ha. It was a tenner from a new shop that's opened called "Daisy Lane" (anyone in Preston, go and check it out, full to the brim with cheap playsuits!) in town. Does anyone else have a Daisy Lane in their town? Sounds pretty independent to me.

I'm also wearing my new lipstick - I got the 17 Mirror Shine in "Belle" when I was out shopping on saturday, what a wonderful shade! It's not too showy or anything which I like. Oh I do feel lady like today haha!

Ok, on with some more geoggers revision before picking a book out from this library (why not) and then hopping on the bus home. I'll try and get an outfit post for you of today's outfit as I'm proud of it's niceness, ha.

EDIT: I got a book filled with critical essays on "The Tempest", how interesting. And here's the outfit!

Dress: Daisy Lane
Blazer: Charity Shop
Watch: Grandad's
Rabbit ring: H&M
Silver twig ring: ASOS
Gold bow ring: Miss Selfridge
Iconography bracelet: Market

I'm going to do my 30 day shred now. I'm so virtuous :')




Happy Sunday everyone :) hello.

too cute not to post!

Because the thought of revising Biology at this hour is making me shiver, I thought I'd blog instead. Priorities ofc. I watched Sleepless in Seattle last night - apparently it was a film I just had to watch, because I love all those unrealistic romances! It was unrealistic in my opinion, but it was a lovely film nonetheless, I got completely lost in it. It was the next film of the director for When Harry Met Sally, you could definitely tell but I didn't mind because that's one of my favourite films.

It's so grey outside :( makes me want to watch films all day but sadly I can't. 17 days til my summer begins :) I'm going to huddle in my bed with a textbook/notepad/tea. Love my life.



Friday happiness; #1

Ok ok, way too many posts today I know. But I had lots to talk about! Ha.

I'm going to try and keep to this weekly post malarkey but I'm sure you all know how forgetful I can be. I've seen this pop up on a few blogs and think it would be a nice chipper end to the week.


Just because they're all cute and furry and are like a little hot water bottle. That scratches you from time to time. Or is that just my cat?

Wavy hair

My hair has finally grown to the length where it goes effortlessly wavy, lovely! It's great to just brush it and go in the morning, I count myself quite lucky.

Warm summer mornings

I loved walking to the bus this morning, fresh summer breeze on my face. I love winter but a warm day can't not be enjoyed in my opinion!

Red nail varnish

Any shade, any time, any season, anywhere. Bloody love the stuff. As long as it's not chipped.

Charity shops

Can't beat a rummage in a charity shop. I can lose myself in one for hours, looking at old dresses, jewellery, and books. Especially books. Cheap, old books make me very happy.