Lusting after;

So I think I'll be going to my college's leaving event, after much deliberation about the price/how to get there, I've decided I might as well go and see all my lovelies, some possibly for the last time :( I've met so many wonderful people in college, and it'll be hard not seeing some people's lovely faces daily.

Anyway, I'm planning on asking my sister for one of her dresses (Grace if you're reading this, I will ring you to ask properly!), and so I can save up for some decent shoes. After the event we'll be going to town, so I want something I can survive the whole night in!

If I win the lottery in the next 3 weeks;

Toooo pretty FCUK.


My day (hopefully)!

I found these pictures on the PC and thought I'd show you them, hopefully I'll follow the same pattern today and revise in the sunshine but... I'm not sure it's warm enough as it was last week!

My legs at stage 1 of being tanned: not tanned!

The wonders of Urban Geography..cough

My kitty wanted to say hello :)

My tea-dress :) Miss Selfridge

Anyone else excited for Dr Who tonight? I never thought I'd get into it, but I think Matt Smith helped alot ;) ha. Also get to judge the public on BGT <3 love lazy days!



Royal Wedding

Happy RW Day all of you Brits! I feel so proud to be British right now, I'm not generally that patriotic but when you see hundreds of thousands of people celebrating such a wonderful event, you do feel proud.

The wedding had it all;
- First and foremost, a beautiful Sarah Burton dress
- A lovely setting
- Sweet vows
- Reference to Chaucer
- ...a lovely dress. I already said that.

But really, she looked stunning. And with that special lily bouquet (I can't remember the particular type of lilly!), and the lace detail, and the veil... the train was a bit silly but I guess you've got to have one if 2bn people are watching you eh.

And how cuuute were the page boys/bridesmaids?! Ahh so so so cute :')

Lovely thing to watch, and now I'm going to do a couple of hour's revision with a pot of tea, and probably give up halfway and watch some stand up comedy. Sorted.



The most pointless but beautiful post, ever.

*plays heavenly music*

Seriously addicted to these yoghurts, had 3 today. Woops. One for breakfast, one when I came home to "aid revision" and another just now. I reckon they're healthy - calcium, and fortified iron in the cereal bit? I'm kidding myself.
I went to the doctors today for my wonderful kidneys, and turns out I may have to have a certain....procedure done. I am saying no more than "sweet lord". In a bad way. Hopefully not having that done. D:




"Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul." 


Sunday nothings & Katy Perry

Unfortunately the house is full so I can't blast this one out:

A homage to my revision efforts.. ha! 

Vest, Topshop
Jeans, Primark
Rings, H&M/Miss Selfridge/ASOS
Nails, Rimmel "Double Decker Red"
Watch, vintage
Glasses, Miu Miu

I keep forgetting to mention - most of the silk scarves I wear are my grandma's or my mother's, so I don't tend to mention them as I've no idea where they're from!

Must get back to Revision, we're going on a walk tomorrow which means less revision time -.- whoopee.

Have a lovely Easter, don't eat too much!



Macaroons anyone?

My oddly coloured macaroons look pretty posh, eh? I'm proud of them! Made them yesterday and I think I have one left :) Ha I eat way too much. Sad to see the sun go, kind of though, the heat was making me headachey! 

My parents went to my grandad's house today to pick up a few things, and they brought me this back :) It's his watch he used to wear all the time, I feel very honoured to have it. He got given it after he retired for Leyland Motors - clearly a hard worker :)



Happy Good Friday!

Hello Lovelies.

Today I went to Manchester in the morning for a mooch around the shops with my sister. I had a headache though, so wasn't too enamoured by anything. Two things that cheered me up however, (food related of course), were the free samples we were given in Hotel Chocolat (and the tiddly pot I bought!) and also the beautiful tuna melt I got from Eat. Could live off tuna, seriously. Here's what I wore;

1. Dress with belt, Miss Selfridge

2. Bunny ring, H&M

3. Glittery nail varnishes I tried on quickly in Superdrug (2 for £5!), Barry M

4. Anklet/necklace, ASOS (on my pale, pale ankle -.-)

I also made macaroons again with my sister, this time noticing the difference between caster sugar and ground almonds/icing sugar! Mine turned out a caramel shade and look quite... trendy in a way? Taste nice too! May have some later whilst watching Invicticus with the family. I'll post pictures of them soon.

Have a wonderful evening :)



Domestic Goddess

That is what I am now to be called, by everyone thankyou!

I've hoovered the entire house (and the stairs, that's tricky m'dears), mopped the kitchen floor & baked. Oh, the macaroons went horribly wrong but the less said about that the better.

Should really make up the revision I didn't do earlier by doing some now, but I just want to eat and relax. Any mayyyybe paint my tippy toes.

Sorry for looking so gawkish, had a headache allll day. 

Skirt/Vest, Topshop



I will finish my geography notes off today because they've been hanging over my head like a little black cloud! After that (or in between), I fancy baking with my sister. We haven't got too much in so we'll have to see what we can rustle up..



The sun makes me tired..

Oops. Currently lounging round in a cut-up topshop tshirt that was way too big for me to begin with. I've spent my day trying to revise, and sunbathing. Going out for a wander round the village with Joe soon and then off to spend the evening with my best ladies to have a natter. I could have done more with my day but pffft.

Dress, Topshop (tshirt that is way too big for me!)
Scallop edged waistcoat, DIY




I think it's with finally having the stress of last week over with, that I get time to think. Thinking is both a powerful/dangerous thing, isn't it? Sure, you get inspiration from using your mind, and motivation, but at the same time you can let your thoughts get away from you.

Confused doesn't cover it lately. I guess I'll have to wait til I see each of the people again to see how I truly feel - I always know how I feel about someone just by looking at them. Oddly, even though the thought of it is so alien to me, and worrying, and different, and pointless, I hope I feel something for the right person, and not the wrong one who's made the past few months a constant struggle.

But I absolutely refuse to let this get in the way of the next 2 or 3 months. In about 5 weeks, I'll have finished college, and if I want, I'll never have to see them again. I hope it doesn't come to that but we'll see. It also scares me that I might not see them again either, almost feel pointless building bridges with people you're not going to see again?

It's confusing. I might write a poem. xxx

Baby-faced fool.

I've realised I have a very babyish face as of late, I hope my hair grows back soon so I look my age again. Being asked for my identification in every establishment selling booze is getting tedious! Today I had a picnic with my sister, tried to revise, failed, and now am mooching around watching old Friends episodes. Can't beat a lazy day! To add to this lazy day I wore a pretty lazy outfit but I liked it, the first time I've bore some leg this summer(ish..):

My hair really wasn't behaving today.
Vest top, Topshop
Shorts, Dorothy Perkins
Belt, part of a dress from Miss Selfridge
Pearls, gift



Is the single most confusing thing I've ever seen/used in my life. Please help me out by following me here, I'm completely lost on what to do!



A little more about me.


(Gabrielle) Gabby Rice // 18 // North-West England


How tall are you?

I'm 5"5, I think, possibly a little taller.

Is your hair it's natural colour?

Yes, and the "waves" you see are natural too.

Skin type?

Oh I have no idea - it's normal aside from dry patches on my cheeks and the usual oil-prone T Zone.

Clothes size?

12, but I'm trying to lose some weight to get down to a 10.


Do you have a daily routine?

Not right now, because I'm on my summer break. But come September I will do and I may alter this bit :)

Skincare regime?

I wash my face every morning & moisturise, and put make-up on sometimes if my skin doesn't look too good, but normally I go without make-up.

What hobbies do you have?

Reading, baking, watching too much tv/films, going on walks, painting my nails, phoning people, playing guitar.

Best way to spend the day?

Waking up next to someone who makes me happy, then going on a day out to a nice little town by the sea. The idea of my perfect day changes all the time, that's what it is now.


Do you go to University?

Not yet, I start at the University of Liverpool on the 23rd September. I'm studying BSc Oceans, Climate & Physical geography and I can't wait!

What qualifications do you have?
  • 4 A Levels in Biology (B), Geography (B), English Literature (A) and General Studies (A).
  • 11 GCSE's A*-C.
  • Grades 1, 2, 3 and 5 in Classical guitar from the Royal School of Music.

Do you enjoy education?

I love learning, so yes I enjoy education.


Who are you closest to?

I've drifted from a lot of college friends over summer but I'm still close to my best friend Manda, she's been there since we were nippers :) And all my other lovelies.

Relationship status?


Do you have any health conditions?

My kidneys are joined together which causes me frequent difficulties but I'm hoping to get it sorted out in the next few years. I also have depressive tendencies, but again they're sorting themselves out too.



I don't know, it used to be purple but I'm easy with colours. Except yellow, ick.




The Globe Theatre, London.


English tea, milk, 2 sugars.


René Magritte is wonderful!


Kings of Leon and Laura Marling


Too many...
Novelist: The Bronte sisters, Haruki Murakami.
Playwright: William Shakespeare.
Poet: Yeats, Carol Ann Duffy, William Shakespeare.


My grandad, who passed away in April this year. He remains the most generous, selfless and kind-hearted man I have ever met, and I miss him terribly.

Not so Happy Monday

Hello lovelies. Today was the day of the funeral for the person I lost last week. It was hard as it was my first funeral, but at the same time it was a wonderful way to say goodbye, and luckily the weather was nice - just how he would have liked it. I'm absolutely shattered now, this week has drained me and today especially, so I'm looking forward to a lazy evening followed by a lie-in, and then getting back into the routine of revision/seeing my wonderful friends who have all been so supportive.

This is not a vain attempt at sympathy, just what I was deciding on wearing. In the end I wore black skinnies, a blazer and dark blue top - I didn't feel comfortable going for the whole Gothic-Victorian shabang if I'm honest. I do like that blouse though, it's my mums but she doesn't wear it anymore so I may "borrow" it more often!

I might post again later, if I have the energy to get up from the sofa!



Sunday nothings & Two Door Cinema Club

Good morning :)

As you may have read yesterday I went shopping with my mum and sister, and I managed to get my beloved Clinique face wash, thank the Lord. At £13 a bottle it's quite reasonably priced as I use it sparingly. Also got this adorable playsuit from Topshop :) I have a thing about playsuits, I live in them in summer, and dresses of course.

Playsuit with gold button detailing, Topshop

Have a wonderful day :)



My sweet beginning

1. Cardi/skort, Topshop
2. Peach top, New Look

3. The faithful boots, M&S

4. Bracelets, Christian Bookshop/gifts
5. Bow ring, Miss Selfridge

Oh and my cat wanted to play too :')


And you know it's a lion's heart, that will tumble and tear apart

Good morning everyone :) 

Last night I went to my friend's house to spend the night snuggled up in too many blankets/cushions whilst watching "My Soul To Take", which actually, wasn't as scary as I'd been dreading! Although I did spend half my time behind a cushion ha. A lovely night though :)

Also, I need fancy dress ideas! May be going to a fancy dress themed night on Thursday.. help!



Earthquakes & Volcanoes.

That is the order of the day today! Followed by a movie night, lovely. I miss my friends so it will be wonderful to see them all :)

Have a lovely friday everybody :) xxx


Teenage Dream

Currently giving it a listen, it's a lovely upbeat album for a (slightly!) sunny Thursday. This week seems to have gone so slow, but of course that's natural. I've been getting up at 8.00am most days to get lots of revision done, but recently I've been getting up a tad later and not doing as much. It's understandable, got to have time to myself. But I've got all my revision notes done for one of my biology resits, and I've started on my main biology exam and geography notes too. I want to at least have all my biology notes (for 3 exams) done by the time I get back to college, so I can read and re-read them til I know them all. Hopefully!

I want to get a few disposable cameras soon, for summer. I got one last summer and loved the way everything turned out, so i'm gonna have to save my pennies for some more :) 

Would love to go to a new city this summer, too. Maybe not a brand new one (I don't have the money for Paris/Milan!), perhaps Edinburgh, that was lovely last time, even though it was in an awful storm! Fun fun.

This weekend sounds nice to me. Friday is a movie night with my wonderful friends, Saturday hopefully I'm going out drinking and dancing with my lovelies, and then Sunday I begin to say goodbye to the person I lost last week. Prayers on Sunday evening, then a Requiem Mass (Catholic Funeral) on Monday morning, and also a Wake, I think they call it. Should hopefully be a lovely way to say goodbye to such a lovely person :)

Off for a trawl round my local charity shop!



506 posts deleted, let's start again.

Hello :)

Oh I know, I can't stay away from this thing for too long can I! I've got rid of my posts (I finally worked out how to - being the tech whizz I clearly am), and am starting a fresh. The past week I lost someone very close to my heart, and have decided to make a fresh start for this wonderful person who I'll miss very, very much.

Now, the one thing that's actually stopped me going insane recently is the delightful music of The Tallest Man On Earth (aka Kristian Matsson), and if I ever have the privilege of meeting him I will certainly say thankyou. His music truly takes me away from all my worries and calms me down, which has helped so much.

Also must say thankyou to any of my nearest and dearest reading this, you've all helped me through the past few months and it's about time I stopped moping around. So, fresh start. :)