When God Was A Rabbit

Note: I didn't take this photo, found it on Google - contact me if you want credit x

This was my next read after "Norwegian Wood". It's Sarah Winman's debut and I thought it was lovely. I think the blurb was a little too vague, I mean I barely wanted to read it if I'm honest, but once you read the first chapter or so it gets much better. It's the story of a brother and a sister, and their changing relationship. The title comes from the rabbit which Elly (the sister) gets as a Christmas present, and decides to call it "god". It's funny and quirky at the start, with some quite sinister bits. It does have a lot of twists and turns, I barely put it down! The end I think was a little... dreary, but still, it was a great book and I'd recommend it if you fancy something a little less dark than "Norwegian Wood".

Now I'm not sure what to read next! I think I'll read "We Need To Talk About Kevin" - it was released a year or so ago I think, never got round to reading it.



Jayde xo. said...

I might buy this just because it sounds so good! Another dark and sinister one is Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger :')


shanice said...

This has been on my "books to buy" list for a while but I seem to keep forgetting about it! Glad you reviewed it :). I started reading We Need To Talk About Kevin ages ago, it was actually released when I was about ten :/ but because I was so young it was a bit too much for me, I'd love a review on it :) x

Gabby said...

Jayde - Thankyou, I'll look that up! :)

Shanice - I'd recommend it, it progresses through like 3 decades too, forgot to mention that! Oops, silly me thinking it was released last year -.-


girl&bird said...

I love the cover of this book - it's always a good start hey!

I finished reading a book called A Week In December by Sebastian Faulks yesterday - it was brilliant. I'd really recommend it - i didn't think it would be my thing as it doesn't have the female main I usually like in books, but definitely worth reading!

Annah xx


Gabby said...

Annah - I know I shouldn't, but I do judge books by their covers! Ooh I'll look into that, thankyou love :) xx