I'm cool.

Another lazy day post for you. I haven't had much to blog about as of late if I'm honest, do you really want to hear about rocks and climate? ;) I'm really enjoying my course though, except maths is getting a little tedious. Hey ho. Today will be filled with work, applying for jobs, procrastination and soup.

Yesterday me, Emily and Ruby went to town to pick up a few bits and bobs. I managed to get a packet of pringles, mini cheddars, cupasoups, pasta sauce, 6 cans of soup, shaving foam, a hat, 2 pairs of gloves and ear muffs. All for under £15, proud of myself there! Lugging all that home was effort in itself, never mind the wind and rain :')

In the evening I watched TV with the girls, and me and Ruby stayed up a tid bit later to watch Trainspotting. Now I like the cult films, if you can call them that, but that film had no plot whatsoever.. basically guy on drugs, guy tripping, guy ODing, guy off drugs. Not for me!

I apologise for the blog getting so boring as of late, but thankyou for sticking with me! :)


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