Pocketful of Sunshine

A'bonjour everyone. Hope you're all well!

Now, on this (again) dreary morning I'm planning out my day. I've needed a day to myself for along time so finally I can just sit and be quiet, all day. Anyone else get like that sometimes? Ok, so, my plan for my quiet day:

- Finish (hopefully) my physical geography revision cards
- Bake some flapjacks, if I have the ingredients
- Go and buy some books from the charity shop if the weather picks up
- Hand in a parcel at the post office
- Mooch.

I sound like such an old woman with my ventures to the post office and baking.

I would love to be bought flowers. Not ridiculously expensive or OTT ones, just a nice set of daisies or tulips or something. Although my mind tells me I'm expecting too much of the boys of today ha!



The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Such a wonderful film - well worth a watch if you haven't seen it.


Nails update:

Just a quick photo of my nails for the week - well I'm trying to keep them for the week but they've already chipped and I am the worst person on planet earth for chipped nails. I used my OPI nail colour and it was very shiny, but ofc not suitable nails for a week of revision. So I put some Essie formula on which is meant to "smooth ridges" on your nails? I don't use it for that, it acts as a quick drying, mattifying coat so it transformed my nails into this lovely primary blue colour :)

I wish I had a better camera at times like these :') oh well. 

Have a lovely bank Holiday - has anyone got any plans?



Terrible Love

Top, New Look
Bodycon skirt, Topshop

Standard college outfit.



Good morning :)

Hope everyone's well on this.... er, glum Sunday morning. Well it is for me, it's awful weather outside. Another day reading for me I think! I was horribly overtired yesterday and last night, for a good reason but nontheless I decided at about 9pm to confide myself to my room for fear of shouting at any more inanimate objects/parents!

I want to do some cooking today too, but I'm not sure what. No doubt my parents will return back to the house with ingredients to make Sunday tea, so I could always make desert (my forté ofc). Chocolate orange loaf cake from Nigella's "Domestic Goddess" is calling me! I've recently (just this minute) discovered Shutterbean - a wonderful homely website with some nice recipes on - take a look if it's your sort of thing!

I'll also be tweaking my C.V. and sending out pleading letters to shops around the area asking for a summer job! Better to go to uni with some moneys eh.

Would love to say I'd do my 30 day shred today, but I do not feel like it - I'll do it when I feel like it, it's not like I need to lose 20 pounds in 30 days anyway, I'd be a shrivel! Does anyone else do the 30 day shred and feel my pain?

Recently I've become hooked on two bands: The National & White Lies. Both are very melodic and slightly hypnotic which is oddly relaxing, and I love their deep voices. Such a sucker for a low voice in men! "Ada" is a song by The National, hence the title.

Anyway, my God I've been rambling. But it's what I do best :) I might post an outfit post later because I really won't be doing much today. My geography teacher told us to take the weekend off revision and that is exactly what I'm doing ;)



Sorrow waited, Sorrow won.

Lazy day outfit.

Playsuit, Topshop
Nails, OPI (I recommend them!)



Saturday, is it? I get confused with the days.

Last night I went for a meal with my wonderful friends, it was pretty good! As was the bottomless ice cream <3 you can't go wrong. We then played some pool/had a few drinks, and then went back to Jess' for the night. A great way to end 2 years at college :)

Although I'm sleepy now! Today will be spent lounging in front of the telly and eating. Judge if you will.




Newman Class of 2011

Pfft that sounds so cheesy. It was my last day at college today, I'm going to miss it a fair bit I think, I just don't realise it yet. I'll miss lots of people but if I'm honest I've met lots of people I'm pretty happy not to see again ha. It's been a very up and down two years and I'm looking forward to moving on and up to Leeds University in September.

Here are some photos I got from today :)

These are all with my lovely ladies Jess, Lou, Evie, Hannah and Imy, but also Conor if you can spot him -.- ha.

Currently relaxing to a bit of Bob Dylan then I'm going to scoot off for tonight! Getting ready for a meal out with friends, then back to my friend's house to get merrrrry. 




Sorry for not blogging substantially as of late, I've been either too tired or busy to do so! However, I start my study leave for my A-Levels tomorrow so I should hopefully have a smidge more time as I'm not in college all the time. Scary to think the past 2 years have rushed by, and although I'll miss people terribly I know the ones that count will stick with me, and I'm so excited for this summer/University!

Anyway, whilst making numerous mindmaps I decided that my room was getting a tid bit dull. So, I updated a wall with little bits and bobs :)

My layout's really bad for landscape pictures but it'll have to do! The windmill fairy lights are from Laura Ashley :)




I want to go on a long walk in the country, air in my lungs, no noise. Except I have A Levels and live in a little village outside a city. And I have to go back into the city soon, wonderful. It's not like Leeds, where if you get lost you end up at a wonderful boutique, if you get lost you end up near Tesco or something. As much as I'll miss it, I can't wait to get away from it for a few years.


Tweet tweet.

Cos it's a bit more efficient when you're snowed under with revision!



Nails nails nails, dress dress dress.

All good things come in threes.

Bonjour :) Just a quick post to show you some of my nail patterns over the last few weeks, I know they're not spectacular but hi ho! I hope to get some better colours over the summer but I'm fairly happy with what I have now.

My french themed nails (note the "oui" on my ring finger!)

Alright this isn't nails, but I made a book of revision notes for my poetry module in Literature and...

...rewarded myself by painting my nails!

The blue and red base colours are both O.P.I, and I used eyeliner for any black you can see.

On another note! I've just ordered a pretty dress to wear this week as I'm leaving college, got to leave a pretty lasting image eh? ;) ha. Anywhere, here it is:

Hopefully it isn't too orangey!



Sex sells - apparently?

Now I don't want to sound prudish, I'm not, at all, I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt below the knee. But it's dawned on me recently how incredibly superficial modern day music has become. Alright, it's been like this a while, but apparently, to get as many sales as possible you need to wear as little as possible. What an interesting correlation. When you wear lace, have long, flowing hair and a perfect derrière you get attention. I could manage that (with extensions and one of those magic undersuits!), yet no-one would consider what was underneath. They'd think "wow, she's fit" at first, not "I wonder what Shakespeare play is her favourite". It's a shame. I'm not saying everyone's narrow minded, of course I know people consider more than looks, but when you see a "hot" girl group eg The Saturdays, you don't wonder what their likes and dislikes are. Most of the bands I listen to rely on only a few instruments, and their voices, to sell. And I think I'd much rather have fans like that than have fans that adore your "look".

Apologies, just needed to vent about that!



She'd never had anyone quite like the Jack of Hearts.

Note: I'm not making a post about my ex, it's a good Bob Dylan song ta very much.

Just been listening to some Bob Dylan, my dad adores him and he's always playing around the house so it's nice to listen to some myself :) Also listened to some Laura Marling today too, if you haven't listened to her already, please do! Such wonderful lyrics and guitar. I'm really getting into my acoustic stuff at the moment, it's good I suppose as I need to step up my revision game soon.

I'm going to read a bit of Blake to hopefully help me sleep! If anyone likes Blake, I recommend "A Marriage of Heaven and Hell" - it's wonderful, and short too :)


My night;

1. Company Magazine
2. House
3. A nice meal
4. Long, warm shower
5. Sleep.

I am exhausted and love the sound of tonight.


Ramble ramble x

On my second brew in like 2 hours, woops. It's cold, that's my excuse.
Just watched Amelie... I enjoy the oddball films as much as the next person but personally it wasn't for me! Just had no idea where it was going. I much prefer Audrey Tautou in Coco Before Chanel.
This is a boring rambly post if you haven't guessed already :)
Today I had an mock in Literature, and despite knowing the essay title previously, I massively messed it up. Hopefully it wasn't too bad. This weekend will be spent revising and killing myself some more on 30 Day Shred!
Reckon I should aim for this body...

...I joke, I love cake too much.



I'm scared.


PS: 30 Day Shred Day 1 completed, I feel like death. I'm so unfit.


Rivers & Roads.

- I am hooked on The Head and The Heart, hope I get tickets to see DCFC with them supporting in July!
- Backache is doing my.. back in? Ha. Getting on my nerves anyway.
- My biology mock is well and truly out of the way - marks tomorrow I suspect.
- I've downloaded The Tempest on to my iPod, so when I don't have the book with me I can listen :)
- Just ate 4 fajitas. FOUR. To be honest they weren't massive but it's a lot for my little belly.
- Exercise regime begins soooon!
- I've just realised tonight = slob night of Waterloo Road and The Apprentice <3
- Tomorrow = revision, biology, revision, tutor, revision, sleep.
- Little things have brightened my day: sunshine, chatter with the lovelies, getting burdens off my mind, unexpected occurrences
- This is all in bullet points because I am in a lazy mood.



Ok, clean slate.

I failed, slightly, on my super revision-filled night last night. But, I am redeeming myself. I'm going to make another brew now, go upstairs, plonk myself on my bed and force myself to revise for at least an hour. Then tea for half an hour or so, then back to revision. Then shower, then melt brain in front of telly. Hopefully by this time I will have learned all I need to know for tomorrow's mock exam. Or I will be napping in bed, whichever.

Have a lovely evening, and to all those who are stuck revising like me, keep it up!



The Head & The Heart;

If you haven't heard of them before and like bands such as Mumford & Sons, First Aid Kit and Admiral Fallow - LISTEN. Such beautiful music here.


Hello hello :)

Thank the Lord Monday is almost over. Only one more monday left in education! How scary!

Tonight's plan has been/will continue to be:

1. Sort out my old photos
2. Finish off my photo album
3. Have a shower
4. Relax for a while
5. Start/finish my biology mock paper
6. After this, revise for literature mock tomorrow.
7. Go to bed no later than 2AM.

I'm going to be sleepy :(



Sunday nothings & Death Cab For Cutie


This was my attempt at being French without looking too novel, so I ended up more like an air hostess with that scarf. I had such a lovely night with everyone, cheering on really random countries on the Eurovision! In the end I wanted Sweden to win, but unfortunately they didn't. Did anyone else watch it? Who were you rooting for?

Currently listening to Death Cab For Cutie, well their older stuff, it's lovely. May keep it on all afternoon and revise! Just found out they're playing in the city next to mine in July, just after exams, tempted! :)



Eurovision anyone?

Bonjour lovelies.

This weekend I'm going to my first "Eurovision Party"! Pretty excited to spend the night with everyone dressed up as very novel countries. I am France, bien entendu! Lovely stuff. I'm either going to go for my Eiffel tower tshirt with a skirt, or my ever faithful black dress for the Parisian look. Tempted to make macarons... but I really need to work tomorrow!

This weekend I'm also ordering Jillian Michaels' "30 Day Shred"! Excited, I want to do it twice over, starting now and finishing in summer (with a cracking body ofc). I've heard it's torture, but I'm really excited for it! My friend Jess is doing it too, so we can moan together!

I can't believe I've only got 2 more weeks left in college, I'm so excited but also pretty worried/scared. I'm worried about leaving people behind, and more so I'm worried I won't get a chance to say how I've been feeling over the past few months. Hopefully I pluck up the courage, because what ever the consequence might be, at least I tried. :)

Currently listening to "Brain Thrust Mastery" by We Are Scientists - listen! Keith Murray is yummmmy.

I want to go to Paris, and to be bought flowers. I want romance! xxx


Tick tock.

Considering I came home in my free period at college to bake, instead of study, I am posting now, getting my cakes out of the oven, going back to college and doing work. Because I feel bad. I hate my A-Levels.

Anyway! Luckily I've taken a lot of photos this week for you to all look at, if you so wish of course :)

Here's a few pieces in my room:

Selection of books no. une: Brone's, Carol Ann Duffy (which I need more of!) and some Thomas Harris

Selection no. deux: Same as before bar some Ken Kesey, Francois Mauriac and Herman Mellvile.

Selection no. trois: My poor bottom shelf :( My pitiful Shakespeare collection (most of that is downstairs), Orwell, Jean Rhys and some Alice Sebold but I'm not too fond. Oh and my good old Gothics, Frankenstein and Dracula :)

All/most of my poetry is at the side of my bed, pretty much a pile taller than the bed itself!

Sewing kit!

What I tell myself every morning for motivation. That and "hurry up, you're late for the bus"

One of my favourite (goofy) photos of me and my mum.

My two adopted children, Eldon and Emma, who have kept me company and inspired me throughout my lit course. Will miss them terribly at Uni :(

A lovely note from a friend.

This is the edge of my bed, where all my notes are stuck :( I would love to say I know them all off by heart but sadly not. All the post-its are literature.