I must admit I've been feeling slightly out of the loop as of late, I think it's a mixture of receiving bad news within the family and trying to get ready for University. It's all been stressful and draining, unfortunately leaving me feeling like I make one step forward, two steps back. I still haven't got all of my stuff for Uni, am putting on weight again and worst of all haven't had the time or energy to see my best friend before she leaves for Edinburgh tomorrow. And the more I think about these things, the worse I worry. I leave in 9 days, and I'm not even bothered about my birthday on Monday, more so about getting my timetable so I can arrange days to meet people.

I've not seen all my friends a great deal this summer, sometimes you just realise you weren't as close. But some of my closest girls I've barely seen and it makes me feel like an awful friend, but I want to put the time in to making my relationship as strong as possibe before I set off, after all I want it to last the distance, even if it is early days. It kind of stings to realise some people haven't put huge amounts of effort in either, although I guess everyone's busy.

On top of all this I've been applying for jobs like a madwoman, because my loan doesn't even cover my accommodation costs, so I need to make £700 this year (at least) just to live in my halls. And yes my parents will help, of course, but I have no intentions of scrounging off mummy and daddy - University is about independence, none of that living at home crap. Sorry if anyone is living at home and that offends you, but that's just the way I see it.

I've been trying to keep up with blogging but to be honest the stress of everything hasn't left me feeling too photogenic for OOTDs, and the only thing I talk about right now is lists of Uni things.So it's pretty understandable if people stop following this - but for those that have been reading, thankyou :)

However my one little release is looking through your wonderful blogs, so thanks for keeping them interesting!

Just to confirm, my face does still exist ^^^ haha. Speak soon xxx


Chloe Likes To Talk said...

Som advice from somebody who's done uni, found it tough, has lots to learn but might be able to help.

Take a deep breath and remember that your friends will understand that things are tough for you, without prepping for uni as it sounds like they are doing themselves.

Sometimes being prepared for uni can be a negative- sometimes it's better to wait and see what you find and work with it than over prepare and find there might have been a better way to do it.

Remember that everyone is in the same position when they start uni- new, probably nervous, no idea what's going on and how it's going to work, and eager to make friends.

And lastly- uni is about being independent, but part of being independent is also knowing when to ask for and accept help. I'm not suggesting that you should scrounge from your parents, but if they offer help, accept it, be gracious and grateful.

Good Luck, try and relax, and hope that your bad news isn't taking too much toll.

Gabby said...

Thankyou very much for the advice :)