Tea & Biscuits

Right, I promise to post better things as soon as this week's over, it's been quite busy and up/down! Spent yesterday lazing in bed with Tom as we were both shattered and the awful weather prevented us from doing anything! Also watched The Illusionist (bloody good film) and listened to him play piano. Lovely.

Tomorrow is my grandma's funeral, which hopefully will be ok. Then I'm seeing my best friends for the last time (well for a few months at least) after that, so tomorrow will be very weepy no doubt.

Then on Friday I'm meeting up with my friend Katy to drink tea, eat biscuits/cake and watch films. Oh and Tom and I are going to watch the new Jane Eyre film.... just to criticise it probably haha.

So yes, quite busy as of late but I'm trying to make the most of my last 2 weeks (or one and half weeks now :|) in Preston! Eep!


PS Is anyone else obsessed with The Great British Bake Off? I am *holds hands up*!

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