Lazy monday

Hellllo lovely readers.

Hope you're all well, and for those who have survive their fresher's weeks - congratulations! My course starts today, at 12pm to be precise (Sedimentology lecture...). Luckily my maths lecture has been cancelled on mondays I think, so I can do my laundry/other housework today!

I got woken up at some ungodly hour for breakfast (coco pops are enough to get me out of bed I tell you), and have since come back to have a shower and laze around before getting ready to head out to University. I'm really excited, been dying to get stuck into my course. I loved fresher's week but any more of it and I would have exploded! I'm planning on wearing my wooly dress and blazer today, but aren't we set for a heatwave? I heard that, bit confusing  mind as it's been freezing recently!

Anyway, I'll update you on my first day of University this evening :) wish me luck!


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