New bits & bobs;

See, told you I'd become a good blogger again... well, at least I'm trying to post regularly eh! :)

Just got back from the bank, have finally managed to open a student account which has an overdraft (thank the Lord) which will help me sleep peacefully at night! So much stuff to buy and it's nice to have a sort of "cushion", should I need extra pennies.

Anyway! I thought I'd show you some stuff I've recently acquired for University. I don't know about you but I love having a nosey at what people have bought and stuff :') So, most of them are what I consider "essentials" (y'know, make up, nail varnish remover, bras)...

1. New bras from Bravissimo. I recently went in to the Glasgow store and was absolutely gobsmacked at how they just looked your boobs, walked off, and found you a perfectly fitting bra! Insane. Girls, if you haven't been already, goooooo.

2. A new clutch/bag, from New Look. I need a clutch for if I'm going out, and this one also has a strap included which is useful. It's also the same size/make up as a brick, so if anyone gets on my nerves, *whack* :')

3. Make-up buys. Firstly I've finally got my mits on the MUA Heaven & Earth palette (a month late I know), and for £4 it's obviously good value for money. I don't particularly like the brush that came with it, and I bought another one and I'm still not happy... so I'll buy another eyeshadow brush. Any cheap ones to recommend? Secondly I got some Johnson's moisturiser/day cream, as my Clinique one was making me all blotchy and not nice. Seems good so far! Thirdly I actually bought something based on the talk around it, oops. Garnier's Bb cream is available in two shades (one of it's pitfalls, but I'm sure they'll bring out more shades), and I chose the light one. It applies smoothly and it barely feels like you've got any make up on! It really smoothed out my skin and even hides my dark under eyes, yay! At £9.99 I'd give it a go if I were you, definitely.

4. My new planner, from Paperchase. It took me ages to find one I liked because I wanted a large one, because I never seem to write my plans in "note form". This one is really cute I think! And has enough space for my ramblings ;)

5. My other beauty buys from the past week. Most are being saved for Uni of course, but I'm going to try out those Wilkinson Sword razors. They seem way cheaper than buying individual blades, so thought I'd give them a go! Anyone else use them?

Also I'm currently reading "When God Was A Rabbit", by Sarah Winman, and will be reviewing/recommending in due course.



shanice said...

Bravissimo is one of my favourite places to be haha! Though it does annoy me how the bras there are usually more than £20 :( I understand that, having bigger boobs, there needs to be more material for the bras but still it seems like a total rip off considering people with smaller boobs get them cheaper! Rant over hah.
University shopping is expensive too isn't it! My total essential books come to £67 :'( x

Gabby said...

Shanice - Yeah the prices are ridiculous to us students :( but I think it's worth it, I'm such an odd bra size and otherwise I get a really badly fitting one! I've not looked at my course's essential books :| should probably do that... :') xx