When God Was A Rabbit

Note: I didn't take this photo, found it on Google - contact me if you want credit x

This was my next read after "Norwegian Wood". It's Sarah Winman's debut and I thought it was lovely. I think the blurb was a little too vague, I mean I barely wanted to read it if I'm honest, but once you read the first chapter or so it gets much better. It's the story of a brother and a sister, and their changing relationship. The title comes from the rabbit which Elly (the sister) gets as a Christmas present, and decides to call it "god". It's funny and quirky at the start, with some quite sinister bits. It does have a lot of twists and turns, I barely put it down! The end I think was a little... dreary, but still, it was a great book and I'd recommend it if you fancy something a little less dark than "Norwegian Wood".

Now I'm not sure what to read next! I think I'll read "We Need To Talk About Kevin" - it was released a year or so ago I think, never got round to reading it.



New bits & bobs;

See, told you I'd become a good blogger again... well, at least I'm trying to post regularly eh! :)

Just got back from the bank, have finally managed to open a student account which has an overdraft (thank the Lord) which will help me sleep peacefully at night! So much stuff to buy and it's nice to have a sort of "cushion", should I need extra pennies.

Anyway! I thought I'd show you some stuff I've recently acquired for University. I don't know about you but I love having a nosey at what people have bought and stuff :') So, most of them are what I consider "essentials" (y'know, make up, nail varnish remover, bras)...

1. New bras from Bravissimo. I recently went in to the Glasgow store and was absolutely gobsmacked at how they just looked your boobs, walked off, and found you a perfectly fitting bra! Insane. Girls, if you haven't been already, goooooo.

2. A new clutch/bag, from New Look. I need a clutch for if I'm going out, and this one also has a strap included which is useful. It's also the same size/make up as a brick, so if anyone gets on my nerves, *whack* :')

3. Make-up buys. Firstly I've finally got my mits on the MUA Heaven & Earth palette (a month late I know), and for £4 it's obviously good value for money. I don't particularly like the brush that came with it, and I bought another one and I'm still not happy... so I'll buy another eyeshadow brush. Any cheap ones to recommend? Secondly I got some Johnson's moisturiser/day cream, as my Clinique one was making me all blotchy and not nice. Seems good so far! Thirdly I actually bought something based on the talk around it, oops. Garnier's Bb cream is available in two shades (one of it's pitfalls, but I'm sure they'll bring out more shades), and I chose the light one. It applies smoothly and it barely feels like you've got any make up on! It really smoothed out my skin and even hides my dark under eyes, yay! At £9.99 I'd give it a go if I were you, definitely.

4. My new planner, from Paperchase. It took me ages to find one I liked because I wanted a large one, because I never seem to write my plans in "note form". This one is really cute I think! And has enough space for my ramblings ;)

5. My other beauty buys from the past week. Most are being saved for Uni of course, but I'm going to try out those Wilkinson Sword razors. They seem way cheaper than buying individual blades, so thought I'd give them a go! Anyone else use them?

Also I'm currently reading "When God Was A Rabbit", by Sarah Winman, and will be reviewing/recommending in due course.



"Norwegian Wood"

I quickly posted about this on my twitter, but wanted to give those bookworms a little bit more of a review! I'm not sure quite what genre this book would come under but it doesn't really need a genre, I don't think. It was first released in Japan and apparently is "the book everyone in Japan has read". When it first got recommended to me, I don't know, I thought it was all hype and no talk. And the start in my opinion was a little on the slow side.

But as you follow the story of Watanabe, a student in Tokyo, you really begin to connect with him, and with Naoko too, a girl in his life. Naoko is one of the most engaging characters I've ever read about, even though you never learn much about her.

On some levels I think everyone can connect with some of the characters within the book, but even if you can't, read it. It's engaging, compelling, disturbing and wonderful all at the same time. I can't recommend it highly enough, and this book will definitely be on my bookshelf at University.



Bonjourno lovely readers. I finally have an outfit post for you <3 I've been a rubbish blogger since results day, apologies, but I've been so busy sorting out University stuff. Raided Boots/Superdrug today and got all my toiletries (I think)! I got the Garnier Bb Cream, and also the MUA Heaven & Earth palette (finally), so will be letting you know how those 2 go soon. Also, I have got a literature-based post planned....sometime soon!

Been shopping today, as I mentioned, and also been taking those lovely gormless pictures for my university ID card, NUS card, rail card etc etc. Not as bad as my passport photo, mind ;)

I wore the outfit below to Manchester when we visited the other day - I finally got my mits on a new planner for the year (hello organisation), which I'll probably show you some other time. Anyone else feel their life falls apart a little bit in summer when they don't have a planner? :')

Jumper, New Look
Skort, Topshop
Tights, M&S
Necklace, can't remember where it's from!

 I bought that jumper when I went to Glasgow on Tuesday - it's lovely! Also got a burgundy skirt from NL too, so will be showing you that. As soon as it hits September 1st, I'm getting in my A/W gear ;)




Phew! This week has been so so busy, so sorry I haven't posted as regularly as I have been doing. So as I mentioned I got into Liverpool University, and I am so excited! A few of my friends are also going which is lovely as I know I've already got a teeny tiny support network there. Need to start my shopping! Anybody also going to one of the universities in Liverpool?

Yesterday was my sister's 21st birthday, and we went out for a lovely meal to celebrate. We also baked some cupcakes, yum yum! A few photos from the day for you;

I need to find, and personally thank whoever made edible glitter. SO SPARKLY. 

The dress I'm wearing is my favourite LBD, from ASOS. Cheap, cheerful and flattering!

I'm off on my travels quite alot this week - Glasgow tomorrow, Manchester on Wednesday, and the Lake District on Thursday! So, I'll try and post with reports on my "escapades" ahem, later in the week.


PS. I have found the perfect Chelsea boots, on ASOS. Will post about them when they arrive <3



Can you spy me in the background? Ha I had no idea there was someone with a camera around, I was just nervously waiting in the queue at college!

Ok time to update you on the 2 most stressful days of my life in a while! As many of you know it was A Level results day on thursday and I achieved A grades in English Literature and General Studies, and B grades in Geography and Biology. Now, I nearly collapsed at the sight of that B in biology - I was worried I would get a D, the exams went horribly! So I was extremely proud of myself for getting that. The only thing that let me down was the Geography grade. As you've probably guessed by this blog I love geography and I consider myself pretty decent at it too, I had no doubt in my mind that I'd get an A. Unfortunately I either had a bitch of a marker on my last exam or it just wasn't my day. Because of not getting the A, both my firm and insurance choice rejected me before 11am. I was absolutely broken, I'd gotten used to the fact I'd get in, somewhat complacently I guess. So I had to go into Clearing - the dreaded Clearing. With 4 times as many applicants going through the system than usual it was insane - I rang so many universities and had just missed out on vacancies. I rang Liverpool after 12pm and got through to the loveliest man who calmly took my details and about the course I wanted to apply for. Turns out I'm slightly overqualified for it as it only needed BBB, but I just wanted a place.

The more I think about it, the more excited I get. I've gotten my place confirmed on the Oceans, Climate and Physical Geography course at the University of Liverpool, a wonderful city. Been looking at my information pack all day, it's so hard to get used to the fact I'll be moving away in less than a month! I'm visiting the University tomorrow, before going out with friends to celebrate. It#s been such a whirlwind I cannot tell you.

I hope everyone else did wonderfully!




Just a little update for all you lovelies - after a mild drama things are ok following my A Level results. I'll let you know about this in full after this weekend, as I'm pretty busy!

I hope everyone got the results they wanted xxx



Blouse, Vintage
Jeans, Topshop

Hello lovelies :) hope you're all well on this... er, rainy/not rainy/rainy day!

That outfit is quite old and probably not the best in that lighting, but I haven't shown you my latest charity shop find - that blouse! I really need to sort the sleeves out because they're so puffy, but aside from that is lovely. Black, a silky material with slight pinstriping.

I went to Liverpool today with my mum, dad and sister and after failing to find the MUA Heaven & Earth palette I still managed to get a few things from H&M. Their A/W stock is lovely! I got a camel coloured lazy tee and a wonderful deer-print blouse, with a dipped hem. I'm loving those dipped hems!

Has anyone else got any nice bits and bobs from H&M lately? Let me know!




Oops, slight bra showage going on there. Hey ho! You can just see my leopard nails (a la Gem Fatale). Tomorrow I'm going to do a new feature, about books I've read and new books I've acquired. It may not be to everyone's taste but I hope some of you enjoy it!

Off on a walk now, I need the exercise!




Blazer: Charity shop
Skort: Topshop
Top: New Look
Belt: Part of a dress from Miss Selfridge

Good morning :) hope you're all well.

This is just a lazy outfit today cos I'm nipping to town to get my sister's birthday present. Also eyeing up the new knitwear on the rails! ^.^ Then back home for a nice meal and more reading - I'm enjoying reading "The Other Boleyn Girl" so much!




Tunic, Republic
Jeans, Topshop
Necklace, H Samuel

Apologies for the moody expression and huge boobs. They always look so much bigger in tunics/tshirt, woe my life! Ha. This outfit isn't typically "me" because 1. I have jeans on, and 2. It's orange. I tried to dye it red and it didn't work :/ so will try another colour. Maybe dark green? 

Today is spent reading "The Other Boleyn Girl" - Saw the film, bloody loved it so am reading the book now. Problem? It's huge. Ah well, will keep me from boredom I suppose.

I've started a mammoth list for University now - would anyone like me to blog it?

Finished this yesterday - my second favourite play, absolutely wonderfully confusing.

Does anyone have a favourite play to read? Recommend me some!



Tea & cake

Today's plan: dodge the showers, get on a bus, meet a friend, drink tea, eat cake, then decide what else there is to do in this boring city of mine! Oh my life is a hoot ;)

Proper post tomorrow, I promise xxx



Bonjour my lovely readers. 

I've recently been very happy in my own skin, such a lovely feeling isn't it? To just throw on a vest top and jeans, have your hair natural and wear no make-up and feel confident just as you are. Better than faffing about with make up, in my opinion :') I'm too impatient! 

It's.... 9 days til my A Level results day now (sorry for reminding everyone!) and honestly I just want to know where I'm going now. I'm oddly getting excited - the thought of meeting hundreds of new people in a new city I know next to nothing about scares the shite out of me, true, but I can't wait.

Off to a cake shop with my sister today, nom! Have a wonderful day :)




I'd love to get some new nightwear/underwear, you know when you feel like you deserve some? That makes sense ;) ha. I've found some lovely long tshirts from Topshop and some sets too, obviously I'm not posting pictures of bras/knickers that I like as that's a little personal!

Just some ideas.... must start saving!



Friday happiness #5;

1. Cosiness
2. Candles
3. Flowers
4. Nail varnish
5. Catching up on blogs
6. My cat
7. The Great Gatsby
8. Chocolate
9. Organisation
10. Lazy days

Hello :) currently sat munching on a lovely brownie whilst all the clothes dry outside - then to ironing! I need to earn a little bit of money to fund travels etc so needed to do a whole load of housework today :') I hope everyone's enjoying summer - anyone else glad all that horrible muggy weather has finally passed? I hated it! I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend as of yet, but I want to do some cooking... maybe a curry? Is it too hot for curry? I never know. Did anyone watch Trollied last night? So cute and funny :') makes working in a supermarket look fun eh!



Happy (dozy) August;

Hello lovelies. Hope you're all well :)

I spent the day with Lou & Jess today, just relaxing with her lovely dogs and in my case, eating biscuits. Nom nom, good day :) Relaxing now and will be going to the cinema tomorrow with my sister to finally watch HP! We finally watched all of them and I'm itching to find out what happens as I never read the last book. Should be good!

I wore that outfit up there ^^^ today, along with a blazer. Standard lazy outfit without wanting to look too lazy of course ;) but really, how knackered do my eyes look in that first one?! I need a lie in it seems haha.

Hollyoaks time! Does anyone still watch it? I've just got back into it, I love a good old lover's tiff ;)