Penny Lane

Hello from Liverpool :)

I arrived on Sunday afternoon, and have been very busy unpacking and stuff to say hello! My room's a fair size, and I'm still trying to put my stamp on it. To be brutally honest, at the moment I don't feel comfortable here. It's because it's very new surroundings for me, a lot of new people (that's just in my flat), and so much to take in. So it's quite overwhelming.

I didn't feel completely up to going out last night but I decided to just go for it, and went out with most of the girls from my floor. It was a lovely night, I feel like I got to know people better but I ended up getting no sleep because of rowdy people on the floor above. I really hope that doesn't continue, if it does I'm probably going to transfer to a different room.

Meh. Of course I'm going to stick with it, and if I'm honest the moment my course starts I'll probably enjoy everything a lot more.

Sorry for such a blah post! Will sort out a place to do outfit posts asap xxx

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