The Bones Of You

Just felt like showing you these awful quality photos ;)

Apologies in advance for another rather long post, just feel like I need to ramble as of late. It turns out my last post on LDRs was a little pointless as said "relationship" didn't work out. It's a shame, but now I've got a completely clean slate ahead of me on Sunday.

I move to Liverpool in a matter of days, and yep, I'm absolutely terrified. I can chatter for England (you all must know that by now!) but it does take me a while to connect with people, and trust them. I'm hoping to meet some truly lovely people though, and start afresh, get a new job, learn new things, get a new perspective. I've been stuck in a horrible rut since around January and this year has brought nothing but bad luck and unfortunate events. So, on Sunday, new start. Even if I'm worried and nervous, I'm just going to dive right in. Join as many things as I can, go to as many cheesy clubnights that I can afford (I hate clubs, but you have to make the effort oui?).

One thing I am looking forward to is my course. I've got 2 textbooks delivered and so far, one makes me cry, the other makes me an excited little bunny. I'm determined to work as hard as possible with my maths module, the thought of 6hrs of maths per week does make me want to not leave home, but I've just got to stick at it.

I'll definitely try and squeeze one more outfit post in before I leave, but my clothes are about to be packed up, sob sob! Then I need to adjust to dwindling light in winter and a new place to take outfit posts in my uni room. I'll try and make it look as lovely as possible :)

Is anybody else going to a University in Liverpool? Maybe Hope or JMU?



Kat; said...

So sorry to hear your bad news, but good luck with your clean slate! It's probably a blessing in disguise :) As for not having anything to wear because you're packing your clothes, i hear ya sister (I leave on Monday!)

K ox

Chloe Likes To Talk said...

You've got the right attitude there girl, Sometimes it's best to go to uni completely fresh and concentrated on yourself- now is the time to be selfish about what you want.

Go to uni with an open mind, a big smile and without judging people and you'll be just fine.

Gabby said...

Kat - Thanks lovely :) good luck with the move!

Chloe - That's excatly my plan, thankyou :)