Happy birthday to me!

So, yesterday was my 19th birthday! Kind of glad I got it out of the way before Uni, had a lazy day with Grace, Tom popped round and so did my grandparents. I got lots of lovely stuff which I wasn't really expecting!

First of all I got a new Laptop, mainly for Uni but it came as a birthday present.
I also got a new pair of boots, they are beautiful. Beautifullllllll. Really big and clunky though haha, not dainty at all!
Also I got a few peices of jewellery including a locket from Tom, a necklace from my grandparents and a bracelet from Katy.
My sister got me a "university survival kit" which she constructed herself as she's now a graduate! It had loads of lovely stuff in: nail varnish, hot chocolate, a bottle opener, a book, a tea bag tin etc.

I spent about £50 of my birthday money on textbooks yesterday, and am putting the rest in the bank today. Also going stationary shopping <3 and spending my Topshop voucher on socks! I know how to have a good time ;)


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shanice said...

Aw the university survival kit is such a lovely idea! Happy birthday, sounds like you had a lovely day :) x