Pocketful of Sunshine

A'bonjour everyone. Hope you're all well!

Now, on this (again) dreary morning I'm planning out my day. I've needed a day to myself for along time so finally I can just sit and be quiet, all day. Anyone else get like that sometimes? Ok, so, my plan for my quiet day:

- Finish (hopefully) my physical geography revision cards
- Bake some flapjacks, if I have the ingredients
- Go and buy some books from the charity shop if the weather picks up
- Hand in a parcel at the post office
- Mooch.

I sound like such an old woman with my ventures to the post office and baking.

I would love to be bought flowers. Not ridiculously expensive or OTT ones, just a nice set of daisies or tulips or something. Although my mind tells me I'm expecting too much of the boys of today ha!


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iZaynab said...

Wonderful pictures ~
& Good luck with all of that.