Trackies? Moi?

Of course. For a change, and because I have been lacking in the outfit post department, here is my outfit after I came home from college. Those who think all the bloggers prance around in beautiful clothes all day everyday are so, so wrong :') I'm forever in my trackies! Not outside though. :')

I did however like my cardi from today, i'm not sure where it's from, it's my sisters as I needed a thicker cardi today (sorry Grace)! 

Tonight my mum and dad are at a gig, so I'm home, wow that's a role reversal! I'm going to relax on my own anyway, I like spending time with myself and my thoughts, playing music etc. 

The bracelet I'm wearing ^^^^ is one of my favourites, my friend brought it back from Lourdes with her and gave it to me last year. I'd love to go there, but not with a pack of people like we seem to do in college, but just with someone for a special visit. I'm trying to be more religious as of late, I feel I owe it to myself and others for the past few weeks. I've made a good start I think, the only way is up :)


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