Friday facts? How cheesy.

I won't actually call this post "friday facts" in future because a) it sounds horribly cheesy and b) I will most certainly forget to post it on a friday again. This is to entertain me/you whilst I wait for the shower to become free!

1. I have an undying interest in meteorology (the study of weather/climate), but never took an A-level in Physics so unfortunately I probably will never be able to make a career out of it. However, I'll still study it in my spare time when I'm doing my Geography degree.

2. My two fears I doubt I'll ever get over are thunder, and taking pills. I've been terrified of thunder since I was small and it hasn't wavered. As for taking pills, I don't know, my throat just doesn't swallow them. To have them, I have to wrap them in bread first.

3. My favourite animals are cats, and I'd love to have several when I'm older, but I know I wouldn't be able to choose which ones to have! Hopefully I can get them from a shelter, as my family cat is from a shelter and I think it's a pretty charitable thing to do.

4. I am allergic to nickel, so cannot wear any high-street necklaces. I still can wear rings as long as I don't let them touch my face (if I rest my head on my hand eg), and because of this I have an ever-growing ring collection.

5. My preferred drink is Pear Cider, with ice. Nothing better in my opinion! Although I am partial to any flavour of Kopparberg or Jacques too. Basically I love cider, as long as it's not apple cider.

6. Anyone can swoon me with poetry, I love the stuff. Especially sonnets, but anything will do me fine really. I have too many poetry books as it is, I have no time to read them but I keep adding to my collection! :)

7. Nothing annoys me more than people who don't try, and who are lazy. Also, I hate it when people walk too closely behind me, be it in college or anywhere else, it just makes me anxious and nervous.

8. My most treasured possession is my grandad's watch, which I was given a week ago. I have become very attached to it and it's always either in my room or on my wrist. I adore it, and it comforts me knowing me he's close.

9. Recently I have gotten into cooking more. I always bake, as you know, but I made sunday tea last week and also made myself some nice pasta earlier on. I want to get more into it, I can see myself being that wife who makes some lovely meals for her husband. Not one of those "housewives" though, sorry, I'd like a career.



iZaynab said...

Well 1st ~ Hello there, I'm a new follower. ♥
iReally fell in love with your blog when iSaw it.
& Friday Facts isn't that cheesy.
Its nice you could say.

Thats really interesting that you like meteorology. But thats great that you won't give up on it.
iHave a cat. Its not really that nice though.
I'm sort of scared of it.
& Lazy people are like trash.
iMean iGet lazy but their a difference of like just resting & never tying.
iHave a rep for screaming at people who don't try.

Gabby said...

Thankyou for following m'love :)!
Glad someone else agrees on the whole lazy people thing!