One day short of a month.

I solemnly swear to make this blog more active again! Starting now. Tonight I've decided to do a bit of a foodie post, I know I talk a lot about cookery and don't often post pictures, so here's a few bits and bobs for you. Unfortunately my raspberry cupcakes were eaten before I could take pictures, so I'll make some more next weekend!

Sumac and thyme-roasted chicken with paprika roasted potatoes, French beans and a saffron jus

Pasta with leftover saffron jus from ^^^^, with tuna and red peppers

Like I said, I also made rasperry cupcakes with lemon buttercream but they've been eaten :( I'm making some more of them for a cake-sale tomorrow so should hopefully get a photo!

I've made that chicken dish two weeks in a row now, it's so nice! Definitely will be making that whenever we're unsure on what to have for sunday tea.

My outfit for today:

off to zest some lemons. MLIA.


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