Rivers & Roads.

- I am hooked on The Head and The Heart, hope I get tickets to see DCFC with them supporting in July!
- Backache is doing my.. back in? Ha. Getting on my nerves anyway.
- My biology mock is well and truly out of the way - marks tomorrow I suspect.
- I've downloaded The Tempest on to my iPod, so when I don't have the book with me I can listen :)
- Just ate 4 fajitas. FOUR. To be honest they weren't massive but it's a lot for my little belly.
- Exercise regime begins soooon!
- I've just realised tonight = slob night of Waterloo Road and The Apprentice <3
- Tomorrow = revision, biology, revision, tutor, revision, sleep.
- Little things have brightened my day: sunshine, chatter with the lovelies, getting burdens off my mind, unexpected occurrences
- This is all in bullet points because I am in a lazy mood.


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