The next 2 months;

I will be very very quiet, so sorry if I slightly abandon this thing. I'll try not to, and really I think it'll be a nice little escape at the end of college days :) I've only for 4 weeks left in college (yaaaay!) and then I'm on study leave, but all the while I'll be frantically revising for exams. That means no pub trips (if I can help it), no rubbish telly to lounge around to and no stand up comedy. My life will be awful.

Hi Ho, got to get it done. I don't even mind the work, I mean I mind my biology but at least I'm not crippling under the other 2 subjects. Hallelujah for a course where all you do is read :')

On a separate note, I have 2 things to be aesthetically happy for: my skin has cleared up (nearly) thanks to the amazing Clinique product I bought a few weeks ago, perfect if you're prone to breakouts when you're stressed (I sounded like they do on the ads then didn't i!), as I currently am, constantly! Also, my hair has grown back nearly to it's original length. I have this habit of wanting "a change" and so often cut my hair, but now I've realised I prefer it longer than shorter. It didn't take too long, thankfully. :) The shinyness of my hair is achieved by the Aussie range, which I thought I'd mention - everyone seems to love it.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday evening xxx

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