Tick tock.

Considering I came home in my free period at college to bake, instead of study, I am posting now, getting my cakes out of the oven, going back to college and doing work. Because I feel bad. I hate my A-Levels.

Anyway! Luckily I've taken a lot of photos this week for you to all look at, if you so wish of course :)

Here's a few pieces in my room:

Selection of books no. une: Brone's, Carol Ann Duffy (which I need more of!) and some Thomas Harris

Selection no. deux: Same as before bar some Ken Kesey, Francois Mauriac and Herman Mellvile.

Selection no. trois: My poor bottom shelf :( My pitiful Shakespeare collection (most of that is downstairs), Orwell, Jean Rhys and some Alice Sebold but I'm not too fond. Oh and my good old Gothics, Frankenstein and Dracula :)

All/most of my poetry is at the side of my bed, pretty much a pile taller than the bed itself!

Sewing kit!

What I tell myself every morning for motivation. That and "hurry up, you're late for the bus"

One of my favourite (goofy) photos of me and my mum.

My two adopted children, Eldon and Emma, who have kept me company and inspired me throughout my lit course. Will miss them terribly at Uni :(

A lovely note from a friend.

This is the edge of my bed, where all my notes are stuck :( I would love to say I know them all off by heart but sadly not. All the post-its are literature.


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