Sunday nothings & Kings of Leon

I really ought to get changed actually - trackies and jumper are not the most motivational clothing! I want to have a "dress week" in college this week. I usually pick one thing, like shorts, skirts, leggins, and wear them all week to save myself blundering over what to wear at 6.30am every morning. Dresses it will be :)

Today I'm making sunday lunch for the family, whilst revising of course. It's getting so, so tedious! Anyone else got that "iwanttoburnallmybooksandbecomeashelfstacker" feeling? I have. I also made raspberry cupcakes yesterday, with lemon icing :) I'm going to do a foodie post soon anyway so I'll show you them soon.

Have a nice sunday! <3

You might get an outfit post later on, you lucky devils. We'll see.


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