Sex sells - apparently?

Now I don't want to sound prudish, I'm not, at all, I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt below the knee. But it's dawned on me recently how incredibly superficial modern day music has become. Alright, it's been like this a while, but apparently, to get as many sales as possible you need to wear as little as possible. What an interesting correlation. When you wear lace, have long, flowing hair and a perfect derrière you get attention. I could manage that (with extensions and one of those magic undersuits!), yet no-one would consider what was underneath. They'd think "wow, she's fit" at first, not "I wonder what Shakespeare play is her favourite". It's a shame. I'm not saying everyone's narrow minded, of course I know people consider more than looks, but when you see a "hot" girl group eg The Saturdays, you don't wonder what their likes and dislikes are. Most of the bands I listen to rely on only a few instruments, and their voices, to sell. And I think I'd much rather have fans like that than have fans that adore your "look".

Apologies, just needed to vent about that!



Lea said...

I agree. The age that we're living in is all about sex..especially whent it comes down to music.

marilyn monroe <3

iZaynab said...

iSO agree on this.
iMean iHave an okay body but due to that style of thinking iCut my hair short & iWear boyish clothes.
iGuess it confidence in what you wear is what people come to you ~