Newman Class of 2011

Pfft that sounds so cheesy. It was my last day at college today, I'm going to miss it a fair bit I think, I just don't realise it yet. I'll miss lots of people but if I'm honest I've met lots of people I'm pretty happy not to see again ha. It's been a very up and down two years and I'm looking forward to moving on and up to Leeds University in September.

Here are some photos I got from today :)

These are all with my lovely ladies Jess, Lou, Evie, Hannah and Imy, but also Conor if you can spot him -.- ha.

Currently relaxing to a bit of Bob Dylan then I'm going to scoot off for tonight! Getting ready for a meal out with friends, then back to my friend's house to get merrrrry. 


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iZaynab said...

Aw, the last day ~
iHope it was a wonderful day.
But you & your friends are absolutely stunning !