That's a fitting title because this post is based on revision (yawn)! But also a lovely song :)

Just a quick post for today as I've had the most productive morning in a long while. Went to college at some ungodly hour (naturally) for a geography revision day. In the morning we managed to fit our whole specification on 3 A3 sheets which has made it much easier to comprehend! So so useful. We're going through exam technique this afternoon but I decided to come home and nail my theory before bothering about how to answer questions, that will be next week's jobbie.

To do list

1. Type up my three giant mindmaps
2. Title all of my mindmaps that need to be completed tomorrow in college
3. Finish my cue cards before 7pm tonight

...and back at college all day tomorrow! No rest for the wicked eh. It's only 2 weeks of this, then my brain can relax a little bit.

Oh, I brought my map flask into geoggers today, and sat happily with my tea. Can't revise without tea. :')

Oh! Another thing - I've kind of been.... stopping my 30 day shred because it was wearing me out, but I'm determined to start again because I have found this beauty of a dress to wear for my sister's graduation (she sounds so old!) in July:

Eep it's so beautiful. And, it's just been reduced from £45 to £31.50! My day gets better and better :D


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