Nails nails nails, dress dress dress.

All good things come in threes.

Bonjour :) Just a quick post to show you some of my nail patterns over the last few weeks, I know they're not spectacular but hi ho! I hope to get some better colours over the summer but I'm fairly happy with what I have now.

My french themed nails (note the "oui" on my ring finger!)

Alright this isn't nails, but I made a book of revision notes for my poetry module in Literature and...

...rewarded myself by painting my nails!

The blue and red base colours are both O.P.I, and I used eyeliner for any black you can see.

On another note! I've just ordered a pretty dress to wear this week as I'm leaving college, got to leave a pretty lasting image eh? ;) ha. Anywhere, here it is:

Hopefully it isn't too orangey!



then she'll carelessly cut you said...

Love the red polka dot nails :) they'd look amazing with the dress too!

Rosie x

Gabby said...

I'm a sucker for colour co-ordination, tis why I did them this way! :') x

iZaynab said...

Well your really talented at doing your nails ~
& iThink you'll look stunning in that dress. ♥

Gabby said...

thankyou my love! :)

bee. said...

Wow, that dress is amazing. Rather jealous ;) Your nails are also perfect.