Beauty bits.

So, to distract me from my ever-growing workload I thought I'd give you all some photos from my "beauty collection", if you want to call it that. Basically a snoop inside my make-up bag and other bits and bobs.

In my make-up bag;

Natural collection loose powder
Rimmel Match Perfection foundation
Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara
Clinique eye pallete
Strawberry lip balm
Benefit blusher brush (used for powder)

Most of the time I just wear mascara and some powder over my moisturizer, but if my skin's acting up or I look tired I generally wear foundation and eyeshadow too, as my eyes have a habit of looking extremely black when I'm shattered.

 My perfume:

"Ruby", Next
"Miss Dior Chérie", Dior
"Dasiy", Marc Jacobs
"Velvet Hour", Kate Moss

I usually wear Ruby, hence why there's bearly any left! Dior gets used on a summer's day, Daisy on a summer evening, and Velvet Hour usually is my evening perfume, and is my favourite.

Hair bits and bobs

Aussie Frizz Miracle shampoo and conditioner

My (apparently) glossy hair is due to this miracle stuff, used it for years and will never use anything different! It works well because my hair is so thick I think.

My "Desert Island" products

Garnier After-sun
Johnson's Baby Oil

The two products I try to use daily to keep my skin uber uber uber soft. Seriously, soft as a baby's bum. Probably the baby oil that does that. But I seriously recommend these - use the oil on damp skin after a shower/bath, and then put some after sun on before you go to bed.


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