Summertime To Do List

I first saw this idea on the lovely Jess' blog, check it out.

Seeing as I generally end up floating round aimlessly over summer, I've given myself a list. I haven't put anything about work/volunteering purely because I'm not sure whether I'll get a job for such a short period of time, although I might volunteer at my local charity shop.

1. Finish Lady Chatterley’s Lover
2. Visit a new City  Liverpool
3. Spend a day on the park with friends, with a picnic or barbeque
4. Host a barbeque/Come Dine With Me-style night
5. Have at least 3 movie days with 3 different people
6. Spend a day away from Blogger/Twitter/Facebook
7. Bake a lemon meringue pie
8. Spend a day charity shopping
9. Visit Edinburgh & The Lakes
10. Spend a day reading Shakespeare/watching Romeo & Juliet
11. Go for a run (at least once!)
12. Complete the 30 day shred
13. Meet up with the girls for a girly day: wine, chick-flicks etc
14. Donate clothes to charity/start up a Blog shop
15. Spend a day watching Gavin and Stacey
16. Go to the beach: Blackpool with the girls
17. Spend a week wearing dresses
18. Spend a week not painting your nails – give them a rest!
19. Write a poem
20. Visit the Library at least 3 times


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