Currently alone in a cosy library, just how I like it. I'm working on geography but thought I would say hello as I'm having myself a little break. Hope everyone else's work is going well, I know a lot of us are dealing with AS/A Levels and the like!

I took the plunge (sounds like I got married, I didn't) and wore my black maxi dress today. I love it, I feel so relaxed and ladylike in it! Even though I have to walk in little steps as it doesn't allow much room at the bottom ha, ah well. I had comments that it was too formal, but that was a boy's point of view and I chose not to listen ha. It was a tenner from a new shop that's opened called "Daisy Lane" (anyone in Preston, go and check it out, full to the brim with cheap playsuits!) in town. Does anyone else have a Daisy Lane in their town? Sounds pretty independent to me.

I'm also wearing my new lipstick - I got the 17 Mirror Shine in "Belle" when I was out shopping on saturday, what a wonderful shade! It's not too showy or anything which I like. Oh I do feel lady like today haha!

Ok, on with some more geoggers revision before picking a book out from this library (why not) and then hopping on the bus home. I'll try and get an outfit post for you of today's outfit as I'm proud of it's niceness, ha.

EDIT: I got a book filled with critical essays on "The Tempest", how interesting. And here's the outfit!

Dress: Daisy Lane
Blazer: Charity Shop
Watch: Grandad's
Rabbit ring: H&M
Silver twig ring: ASOS
Gold bow ring: Miss Selfridge
Iconography bracelet: Market

I'm going to do my 30 day shred now. I'm so virtuous :')



BeYouAlways said...

I live 10 minutes on the train from Preston, so will have to have a look for that shop when im next there :) x

Gabby said...

You should - it's lovely, and pretty cheap too - I got a black/white spotty dress from there for £22 I think? I'll post that soon :) xxx

Francesca said...

you look gorgeous dear! x

Gabby said...

Thankyou very much! :) x