Friday happiness; #4

1. Summer
I'm not going on holiday but would love a few days out to different places (especially Edinburgh!). Other plans include watching Wimbledon & all the festivals from the comfort of my living room (surrounded by junk food) and having lovely days out with my friends :) <3

2. Culture
Would love to go to Liverpool soon and look around the Tate gallery there, and also to Grasmere to look at all the Wordsworth things (and buy books of course).

3. Plans
I just love planning days out, don't you? Things to look forward to, it's why I've made my summer to do list!

4. Reading
Finally I can read whatever I like, whenever I like <3 such a wonderful feeling! Nothing makes me happier to be sat with a blanket, a brew and a good book.

5. Laura Marling
Lovely relaxing music, her songs are also really catchy on guitar so I've taken the time out to learn a few, including "Alpha Shallows" :)


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