(Belated) Friday happiness, #3

Ok I'm awful at this weekly post thing, I'll agree with you all.

1. DH Lawrence
Just started reading Lady Chatterly's lover, thank God for revolutionary authors like Lawrence!

2. Gentlemen
A man that will open doors for me, ask how I am, and take an interest in what I say has my heart.

3. The Tallest Man on Earth
I've mentioned Kristian before and I'll mention him again - such wonderful music!

4. My dad
Of course I had to mention dad here cos it's father's day tomorrow. He's taught me about good music, my guitar and morals.

Sorry, not going to post a picture of my dad on here!

5. Simplicity
Recently I've been getting up, doing a little work (if I need to), reading, baking and just doing nothing hugely interesting. Sounds weird but I've been really enjoying myself, I feel alot calmer :)


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