Little Miss Sunshine

That's what's on my mug in front of me, although I want to watch the film now! Sorry for the sporadic/boring posting over the last week, I've had a week crammed with exams and it has left me very tired and uncreative. One more left tomorrow, and apparently I'm drinking straight after, at around 11am. I think not. What with my weak body and alcohol I may wobble around a fair bit! Here's my round up of exams:

Biology resit #1: That was so long ago, I can't remember how it went!
Biology exam: Less said on this the better.
General studies exam: Had fun rambling about novels/the EU/USA etc.
Geography exam: Think I secured my A :)
Literature exam: Again, think I secured my A :)
Geography resit: this is tomorrow, hopefully it will go well!

I'll try and take an outfit post at the weekend but my camera is gobbling up batteries at the moment! Also, this face ain't so pretty with a week of exams showing. 

I wound down watching Desperate Housewives before (can't get enough of it!), and most of my revision for tomorrow's exam will probably take place in bed. I'd like to spend a day in bed doing absolutely nothing, but I get too restless. Maybe a nice boy to join me? Now I think about it I've been single for some time, it's nice but at the same time I miss daily cuddles etc.

I miss my grandad a little bit more than usual as of late, I'm not sure why. But I'm doing these exams in his honour, so I hope I get the grades to make him happy. I'll be visiting his grave after my exams have finished which I'm sure will be both awful/nice at the same time, hmm.

Anyway :) have a lovely evening xxx

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