Dancing like you used to

Hello everyone, hope you're having a lovely weekend. Anyone actually getting any of this "heatwave"? All I'm getting is stuffy heat! Ha. Moan moan moan from up north eh.

I've spent my days since exams fully letting myself wind down, my head was pumping from all the stress I've felt from the past few months, it's awful. That meant no parties, just films, food and concentrating on my family because I've been neglecting them recently, because of exams. I went to visit my grandma yesterday and will be going to see my grandad next week. Need to pick out some flowers that seem manly! That will be a challenge haha.

As of next week I'm back into being a normal teenager, watching lots of films with friends (including going to the cinema for the first time in yonks - Pirates anyone?) and just generally relaxing.

Starting the 30 day shred in July (again).. oh no. Scared. :')

Today will be spent catching up on Glasto - currently watching The Gaslight Anthem who are pretty decent! Love relaxing to live music.

Anyway there was your catch up of my boring last few days! I promise to do some outfit posts later this week :) :)


EDIT: I'll be opening a shop soon - you can look at the items on sale HERE

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