Lemony fingers

Story of my life right now - been baking lemon drizzle cupcakes in the kitchen for a few hours. I'm not entirely sure about them because they don't have any butter in them! Healthy oui, tasty? Maybe. Also been watching the tennis as usual - it seems everyone down south is getting lots of thunder and showers! Happy to say that up north the weather is dreary and sunny :) ha.

I'm off to the cinema later to (finally) watch Pirates of the Caribbean...4 is it? I lose track! Should be good, anything with Johnny Depp in it does me fine ;)

Has anybody seen Bridesmaids? I'm going to see that soon, too - is it as good as the critics have said?

Lazy outfit for today - will change later as there's no way one can be comfy in a playsuit for 2 hours in the cinema!

Playsuit, Topshop
I know I'm not wearing my Grandad's watch, I was making lemon icing and didn't want to spill lemon juice on it!  :)


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