Tea & Croissants

One word: nom. I think I consume these two things a little too much. 

Here are my random nails I conjured up the other night. I wish my lines were neater but what can you do, unsteady hand! I don't do "nail art" so to speak, I just get bored and grab the old eyeliner.

I seem to have fallen back into another old... habit? I'm not sure what you'd call it. That moment of realisation when you realise your feelings and that. I'm still trying to digest them, it's weird. I'm having a domestic weekend, just how I like 'em: cleaned the study as it was getting on my nerves, made myself some lunch, wandered round in a dress even though I've no intention of leaving the house all day, and I'm baking profiteroles later on. NOM. Love them. Ok they're not the healthiest thing on the planet, but I've been eating like a pig for days and have no intention on stopping until my exams are over (wednesday!)


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