(Belated) Friday happiness, #2

1. The prospect of next Friday
Ok well I should say the Wednesday after next, but at least on Friday my week of hell will be over.  I hope I've done enough, this stuff really counts.

2. Passing notes
This sounds very tacky and American, but I do love it when people write little bits and bobs/doodles on paper and throw them at me (if they're nice things)!

3. Friendly Fires
Recently rekindled my love for their lyrics, the drums, the dancing, and oh, the lead singer, yum.

4. Dresses 
I plan on wearing a dress for each one of my exams, with my grandad's watch, for luck. It will be my ritual.

5. Having faith
In myself, in God, in the future. Happiness comes through faith.

Images that make me smile;


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