Friday happiness; #1

Ok ok, way too many posts today I know. But I had lots to talk about! Ha.

I'm going to try and keep to this weekly post malarkey but I'm sure you all know how forgetful I can be. I've seen this pop up on a few blogs and think it would be a nice chipper end to the week.


Just because they're all cute and furry and are like a little hot water bottle. That scratches you from time to time. Or is that just my cat?

Wavy hair

My hair has finally grown to the length where it goes effortlessly wavy, lovely! It's great to just brush it and go in the morning, I count myself quite lucky.

Warm summer mornings

I loved walking to the bus this morning, fresh summer breeze on my face. I love winter but a warm day can't not be enjoyed in my opinion!

Red nail varnish

Any shade, any time, any season, anywhere. Bloody love the stuff. As long as it's not chipped.

Charity shops

Can't beat a rummage in a charity shop. I can lose myself in one for hours, looking at old dresses, jewellery, and books. Especially books. Cheap, old books make me very happy.



Stefany said...

Great post, I love the pic of the cat haha he looks so unimpressed x

Gabby said...

Dying to put a party hat on my cat now :') too tempting! x