Sunday nothings & Einaudi;

Yes my music taste has gotten all classical ;) Ha I joke, still like all the usual stuff but Einaudi is just so peaceful to listen to.

I hope you're all well, I've been losing followers recently which makes me a little sad! Only a few mind, but c'est la vie. Still thankful I've got sixty or so people that are vaguely interested in my day to day activities :')

Today was spent having a BBQ (without sun, in true British fashion) and watching Harry Potter 6 - it wasn't my favourite by a long shot, neither was the fifth... just feel it's less about Hogwarts and more about Voldemort so it goes all dark and people die etc! Although I've not seen the last 2, that's on my to do list this week. Also I'm seeing the wonderful Evie tomorrow for a good old catch up! I do hope this week goes quickly, last week went at a snail's pace!

One last thing: I've decided on a tattoo! Getting "tread softly" written on my right foot, just below my toes. It's from "He Wishes For Cloths of Heaven" by Yeats, a poem I love. Saving up as we speak ^.^


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