Week (so far) in photos;

I don't think I've ever done one of these posts before, and please brace yourself for an insight into my truly boring life as of late :')

01. Lemon drizzle muffins. They did not go well, as you can see. :(

02. My sister brought back her nail varnish collection and I got straight on it - Barry M "Mushroom"!

03. Some of you may have seen me tweeting about this - finished it in about 2 days, absolutely loved it!

04. My new favourite snack.. strawberry liquorice!

05. Breakfast of choice - I have a tiny appetite in the morning!

06. A note to remind myself to check out Mac lipstick

07. 3 favourite nail varnishes as of late : Topshop "Hunter", OPI "Fortune Cookie" and Barry M "Mushroom

08. Watched "Lost in Translation" this morning - sweet film :)

09. A freebie mum got in Red magazine - It's not red at all (of course) but a nice deep pink!

10. I got this tunic from Republic in the sale they had, and forgot to return it - I didn't like the colour, but I want to try and dye it a deeper red for winter!


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Ayeisha said...

I adore peter pan collars!